Difficulties raising children with disabilities

Children with disabilities - a complex process of mental and physical development of children with sensory, mental, intellectual, physical nature of disabilities with a view to its full integration into society.Modern society adheres paternalistic views on the issue of children with disabilities, perceiving them as incapable, dependent, physically and mentally limited and handicapped members of society, erecting in the way of their development and the formation of multiple obstacles.The education and training of children with disabilities is fundamentally different from the approach to the formation of healthy children.What are the key aspects of the education of abnormal children?What are the main approaches to the personal formation of a child with developmental disabilities?

role of the family in the education of children with disabilities and their formation in

society organizations in the process of education of children with disabilities are two main components to be considered:

  • nature of violations and deviations in the development of the child;
  • social aspects of the problem.

Modern society is unprepared for normal interaction with children with developmental disorders.Social problems of children with disabilities decision comes down to their deliberate or indirect isolation from society.This separation promotes awareness of children themselves of their inferiority complex and different from normal children, which affects their psycho-emotional state.The main problems faced by parents of children with disabilities:

  • lack of educational institutions to create conditions for the full development of children;
  • Lack of personnel - teachers, psychologists, rehabilitators, teachers can help your child develop necessary for independent living skills;
  • Ignoring the right approaches to the education of children with disabilities.

Children with disabilities begins in the family.The main mistakes made by each family in the upbringing of the child's abnormal, is the actualization problem, simply put, "loop" defect in the parents or the child's rejection.So from an early age by their parents instill in a child the thought of his inadequacy and unlike other children.As a rule, parents are trying in every way to shield and protect the child from the influence of society, peers, not to inflict mental or physical injury.The task of parents in the education of children with disabilities is a child's learning independence.A child with any violation of the physical and mental development can and should become a full member of society.Upbringing and education of children with disabilities should be directed towards their full integration into society, rather than the actualization of their isolation, making them more vulnerable in society.The child, coping with his illness, is able to learn and develop together with ordinary children, gets a better chance at a full life in society.The family should perform an auxiliary function in the education of disabled children, teaching them to cope with everyday daily tasks, taking into account their physical and mental characteristics.Dependence on adults, a dependent child with a disability receives obviously less chance of becoming successful in society.

for education of children with disabilities need to:

  • Create a calm atmosphere of mutual understanding and mutual support in the family;
  • Promoting child and not limit its actions;
  • perception of the child as he is, without excessive demands it.However, parents must persevere, abide by regular employment, to attract specialists to the educational process.

main objectives of education and training

children with disabilities Children with disabilities are not limited to their distribution in specialized educational institutions.Upbringing and education of children with disabilities begins in the family, where the child should receive basic skills and skills to ensure their being without assistance, taking into account his mental and physical abnormalities.Generally, families with disabled children the predominant method of education is overprotection, when the child is most limited in the actions, and the members of the family take over its functions.Thus, limited physical activity of the child in order to avoid injury limited his social activities in order to avoid psychic trauma peers.Families, as well as society as a whole, has positioned the disabled children as the patients, focusing on their developmental disabilities, unlike healthy children.Excessive guardianship and isolation from peers stimulates a child's fear at the subconscious level of rejection, the full rejection by society.Another mistake to education of children with disabilities in the family is ignoring verbal and motor defects and errors that later turn into an insurmountable problem.

main purpose of educating disabled children in the family is becoming a full-fledged independent person and a member of society, capable of self-improvement, self-development, self-realization.Positioning of a disabled child as a patient is a gross mistake parents provoking breakdown of the psyche of the child, as well as a bookmark incorrect values, concepts about the world and the surrounding society.Every parent needs to understand that modern society is devoid of sympathy, which is surrounded by a child in the family.The abrupt transition from overprotection to misunderstanding peers can trigger a circuit, the development of internal complexes and contradictions, unwillingness to evolve and improve.

Mental and physical education of abnormal children

abnormal child - a child with significant disabilities in mental or physical disabilities requiring special conditions for education and development, providing compensation and correction of its deviations.The education of abnormal children should not accentuate their deviation from the norms of physical and mental development.The process of education of children with disabilities requires a special approach.Education of children with disabilities should not be in the home differ from the normal process, but parents must also perform a supporting function, taking into account the child's abnormalities.Responsible parenting stage is an educational institution where the child will receive the assistance of qualified professionals.Psychologists believe that the child acquires basic knowledge in the first 7 years of life, then there is improvement and multiplication of basic abilities.The same principle works with children with developmental disabilities.

Proper organization of educational process, the positioning of a disabled child as a full member of society greatly increases his chances of full social integration.

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