After abortion temperature - what to do

Whatever abortion performed way, its effects depend on the combination of a number of a variety of factors: the health of women, klassnosti specialist performing the operation, the conditions under which abortions are carried out, and to fulfill the recommendations of a woman doctor.

Abortion - is a serious operation that violates the natural process of pregnancy and birth.During abortion "strays" hormones of the body, genital organ is transformed into an invisible, but the bleeding wound.Even if the absolute sterility of abortion there is a risk of infectious and inflammatory complications.A natural reaction to interference with its processes, organ integrity violation in this case, the inner layer of the uterus - the endometrium, a rise in temperature after abortion.

reasons for rise in temperature after

abortion When all the necessary requirements to the conditions of the interruption of pregnancy in healthy women after abortion temperature usually returns to normal on the third day after surgery


But, unfortunately, sometimes the temperature is not only not declining, and has a stable upward trend.The reasons for such a reaction of the body may be different.

One of the main reasons for increasing the temperature after an abortion is leaving the uterine cavity is not remote parts of the ovum.Abortion - is an operation carried out "blind".And no matter how proficient doctor, due to the peculiarities of the fetus, the individual characteristics of the structure of the uterus similar situation could ever arise.As a result, the decomposition begins residues ovum, which is accompanied by suppuration and development of septic process, leading to an increase in temperature.

Another possible cause of temperature rise after an abortion may be worsening as a result of the operation of dormant chronic infections -. Chronic gonorrhea, chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis, etc.

What medications after an abortion is often used

order to solvethe question of medication when the temperature rises after the abortion, we must first identify its specific cause.And it will be able to identify only a doctor, after a thorough inspection and clinical and instrumental studies (US, smear, bakposev etc.).

reason for the excitement and the mandatory reference to the doctor may be excessive bleeding, purulent discharge with a pungent smell, lower abdominal pain, fever after abortion more than 37.5 degrees.

unacceptable to ignore such manifestations of inflammatory processes.Without proper treatment of inflammation of the uterus can spread throughout the body, causing sepsis - a serious disease that often leads to death.

total course of therapy after abortion involves treatment with antibiotics (not less than 7 days), a broad-spectrum, vitamin therapy and the use of hormonal contraceptives.

effective to treat infections after abortion drugs such as gentamicin, metronidazole, Genferon, netromycin, amoxicillin.But they should not be used without a doctor's recommendation, asEach drug has its own limitations and contraindications.

To maintain the immune system after an abortion shows the assignment of complex "anti-stress" vitamin.

Hormonal contraceptives are used not only as a contraceptive.They help to restore the body's hormonal levels of women after abortion.

To lower the temperature after an abortion, it is desirable to use paracetamol.This drug is well lowers the temperature and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the disease site.But aspirin to lower the temperature after abortion can not be taken becauseit reduces blood viscosity, increases the time of its collapse.Its uncontrolled use can cause the development of postoperative uterine bleeding.

for deciding which drugs should be taken after an abortion, it is best to contact your doctor.

temperature after abortion: when to sound the alarm

37 low-grade fever after abortion can be for a few days.This temperature is, as we have said, the result of "wounds" in a woman's body.But if it lasts 7 days or more, there is an urgent reason to go for a visit to the gynecologist.Perhaps there is a prolonged non-acute inflammatory disease.Long-term temperature 37 after an abortion is often seen in women with chronic gynecological diseases in the acute stage.They also require the active anti-inflammatory treatment.

woman lies on the main task of nature - the reproduction of life.Her health and well-being depends on the health of the next generation.Therefore, do not self-medicate, take care of yourself and go to the doctor at all anxious and suspicious events occurring in your body.

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