What to do after the abortion , how to restore the body

Regardless of the reasons for an abortion, a woman in any case it will be necessary to return to the familiar for her weekdays.Therefore, many patients are interested in at the doctor what to do after an abortion for a rapid and complete recovery of the body.And, of course, every woman must know what you need after an abortion in order to minimize the risk of complications.

What to do after an abortion for a quick recovery

risk of possible complications depends on the method of abortion.The risk of complications after surgery is reduced when an interrupt performs an experienced doctor.When medical abortion overall health fairly quickly restored.After the surgical intervention is often required is a serious rehabilitation.

There are general rules for what to do after an abortion in order to reduce the risk of various complications.These rules are fairly simple.

After surgery, it is necessary to give up sex life for at least three weeks before the end of the first menstrual cycle.After sexual contact

can cause the appearance of bleeding, rejection cervical mucosa.When sexual intercourse the uterus infection can penetrate.

prohibited for two weeks after the procedure to engage in sports, wearing a heavy load.Only in this case it is possible to provide complete peace of muscle mass in the abdominal area.Complete rest - this is all you need after an abortion.After the surgery should go through so much time to the woman's body was able to restore physical health without external stimuli.

excluded in swimming pools, open water, taking baths.Wash only in the shower.Then, inside the body is not able to reach the bacteria and this is a safeguard against infection.

During recovery after an abortion is very important to eat right.After all, abortion is very draining the body, so the period of recuperation will require a lot of fiber and protein.

very important to know what to do after an abortion, to spot the warning signs and prevent the development of complications.It is necessary to check the heart rate, temperature, pressure, to assess the overall condition of the body.

Equally important is personal hygiene.Daily gaskets should be replaced every three hours, and it is necessary to wash several times a day.Do not use tampons.

Talking about that after the abortion is necessary for the rehabilitation of the body, we can not forget about visiting the gynecologist.The attending physician within seven to ten days after the abortion sends the patient to the ultrasound to detect possible fetal residue particles.It is also advisable to go after the abortion breast ultrasound to prevent the development of tumors.

If after an abortion at the woman frequent breakdowns, stress, depression, it is advisable to visit a psychologist.The consultation will help the psychologist to find a way out of this state.

Cleaning after abortion

Incomplete output ovum - one of the earliest complications, which have to face a lot of women.In this case, a further cleaning after the abortion, which increases the risk of cervical and uterine damage.As a result, damage to the endometrium may open bleeding.What to do after an abortion when a heavy bleeding?Naturally, seek medical advice immediately.

Because if time does not make cleaning after the abortion, the uterus begin to multiply rapidly pathogenic bacteria.But bacterial growth may lead to the rapid development of endometritis, purulent inflammation, salpingitis.

Therefore, at high temperature, excessive bleeding with clots, pain, exceeding the threshold of pain during the menstrual cycle, when secretions with an unpleasant pungent odor, fainting, nausea, dizziness, vomiting should immediately seek medical help.

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