Birth control pills after abortion

women undergoing termination of pregnancy (abortion), it is difficult to quickly restore their psychological and physiological health.Whatever heights not reached the medicine, the invasion of the natural processes of nature always entails negative consequences.Therefore, abortion is still a source of different complications and diseases.To prevent them women doctors prescribe necessary medications after an abortion.

Every woman's recovery process after an abortion is different, as well as any individual organism.Therefore, once a reservation that after the abortion pill can only assign a specialist.In no case be self-medicate.What helped one woman, the other can not only be useless, but her body and cause serious harm.

Antibiotics after an abortion

During the abortion, ie,invasion into the uterine cavity, compromising the integrity of its coverage, there is always the threat of penetration of microbes that can cause a variety of inflammatory diseases.There is a risk of endometritis, parametritis, p

elvioperitonita.To prevent such complications the woman is prescribed antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs after an abortion.The treatment included antibiotics, sulfa drugs and antifungals, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs.Furthermore, it can be supplemented and other drugs, such as vitamins and hormonal contraceptives.

use of oral contraceptives allows women the body recover faster, becausenormalize hormones.But most importantly, these pills after abortion to protect a woman from the onset of a new, undesirable for it at this stage of pregnancy.

Vitamins also appointed to maintain the weakened immunity of the organism abortion.

Antibiotics are appointed after an abortion in order to prevent the development of various infectious and inflammatory complications, and treatment is already emerging as a result of abortion diseases.

Antibiotics are appointed only after an abortion doctor and under his constant supervision.The course of treatment is usually 7 days.When antibiotics are preferred drugs aminoglycoside series - netromycin, gentamicin.Perhaps amoxicillin, metronidazole.But, again, only a doctor can prescribe antibiotics after an abortion, choose the correct dosage.Do not self-medicate, becausealmost all antibiotics, especially aminoglycosides, have a list of side effects.In addition, antibiotics affect the hormones, thereby weakening the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptive use and unintended pregnancy can occur.

When you use antibiotics prescribed by your doctor, strictly adhere to the regimen and do not try to cancel or extend their own reception.

preparations for post-abortion contraception

For the full restoration of health women undergoing abortion, it is necessary to take measures to prevent the onset of a new pregnancy in the nearest future.

damaged reproductive system of women after an abortion is restored fairly quickly.Consequently, it becomes possible to re-pregnancy.To prevent a new pregnancy and, therefore, the new abortion doctor may recommend appropriate contraceptive measures.

most common contraceptive drugs after abortion are oral, ietablets containing a synthetic analogs of female sex hormones.Their reception should begin no later than one week after the abortion, but it is best to take the first tablet in the evening on the day of surgery.

barrier methods are also effective.This includes the use of condoms, vaginal suppositories, gels and ointments, containing in its composition spermicide, i.e.substances detrimental effect on sperm and depriving their ability to move.

restorative drugs after abortion

pills after abortion include and vitamin complexes.They aim to restore the immune system of the body of the female, who suffered a serious injury as a result of abortion.In addition, a number of contraceptives and antibiotics sometimes exhibits a negative impact on the fragile body.

Therefore, depending on the woman's state of health, vitamin therapy performed jointly using all major drugs after abortion (anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and hormonal contraceptives).The resulting woman during an abortion psychological stress also requires treatment, which are used especially by vitamins and minerals, rich in B vitamins vitamin course usually lasts from one to three months.

use of drugs after an abortion requires a sound approach that takes into account all the nuances of state of the woman's body.Do not use them on your own or on the advice of close relatives, friends, not to harm your health.Navigate to the instructions in-ear too unsafe becausethe body of each woman as her illness individual.Therefore, before taking after the abortion pill, refer to the antenatal clinic.

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