Statistics of abortions in Russia and in the world

Society's attitude to abortion, that is,abortion is multifaceted shades.There is always present psychological and physiological aspects.In ancient Greece and Rome abortion was not something unusual and sometimes even welcomed, but in the Middle Ages in some countries, abortion is considered a sin and punishable by death.Later softened the punishment, but until the early 20th century, abortion was punishable by prison sentences, both for women and for the artist.This forced women to terminate pregnancies in secret, often in the absence of elementary hygiene.Sometimes the abortion ended in the death of a woman.

abortion statistics in the world

Currently, abortion is legal in almost all countries.But Afghanistan, Angola, Scotland, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates due to social and religious prohibitions against abortion is not canceled.In Argentina and Poland, the number of Latin American and African countries are possible abortion only in cases of danger to life and hea

lth of the woman.In Europe and the United States abortion is legal, but the timing of an abortion and the testimony to it vary in different ways.

According to statistics, the world's abortions annually make about 55 million. Women, ie21% of all pregnancies aborted artificially.

The same statistics abortion says that about 70 thousand women die each year from a variety of complications, which were the result of abortions.Waste becomes one in five women as a result of the first abortion.

abortion statistics indicates that 40% of abortions are done at the request of the women, 25% are performed because of the health of women, the cause of 23% of abortions are a variety of social problems, and in 12% of cases of abortion is performed due to fetal anomalies.

According abortion statistics in the world 75% of girls engage in sexual activity before 20 years, interrupted the first pregnancy, 10% of them are infertile.

The incidence of complications in the first become pregnant and women who decided to have an abortion up to 45%, on average, this figure is 28%.

Every abortion is a serious psychological burden on the woman and her family.There are cases when abortion became the cause of the depressed state, suicide attempts, gave impetus to the development of certain mental illnesses.

legalization of abortion on Statistics has reduced the number of illegal abortions, but still a number of reasons women, especially young girls, trying to terminate her pregnancy secret, in unsuitable conditions.Such termination of pregnancy usually ends with an incomplete removal of the fetus, bleeding, damage to the uterus, which can lead to serious consequences, including death.

abortion statistics in Russia

annually performs more than 6 million. Abortions in Russia.According to statistics, abortions in Russia are rather serious demographic problem.Today, our country is one of the first places on the number of abortions as a percentage of the total number of children born.You may seem strange, but in a time when contraceptives available for any pair, 57% of all pregnancies end in abortion.As a result, abortions than births in Russia by more than 2 times.Annually it recorded about 1.5 million abortions.One in five abortion accounts for a teenage girl at the age of 10 to 18 years.Every day in Russia makes more than 22,000 abortions.

According to statistics of abortions in Russia to 15% of the operation give complications, about 8% of women are infertile.Currently, about 7 million Russians may not experience the happiness of motherhood, and the reason for this is they previously performed abortion.

number of illegal abortions in Russia decreased sincevarious private clinics provide these services anonymously, but the number of complications is still not diminished.

Experts say that the statistics of abortions in Russia can not be complete, and its performance can be safely doubled sinceabortions performed in private clinics, as well as independent medical abortion in the statistics are not included.

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