Arguments for and against abortion

arguments against abortion express doctors, public figures and ordinary townsfolk.In spite of this, abortion is practiced in Russia is extremely wide.Every year more than one million registered procedures.Our legislation differs liberal views on abortion.The entire first trimester, even only at the request of the woman can be carried out artificial interruption.

arguments against abortion

arguments against abortion can be divided into three large groups: medical, social and ethical.Medical considerations have a wide evidence base.It is known that an abortion can result in serious complications for the woman and even her death.Social arguments underline that abortion is a great evil in our society.The demographic problems of Russia are sometimes directly linked to abortion.With regard to the ethical arguments, they are based on the equality of human abortion murder.In fact, most religions reject abortion.Even from the standpoint of atheistic morality sharply condemned abortion.

against abortion as a

phenomenon expressed citizens of any age, nationality or social status.However, the majority of offers to carry out prevention of abortion, not banning them.

Harmful if an abortion for a woman's life

Harmful if an abortion for a woman's life?Induced abortion in a medical clinic rarely finishes a woman's death.Doctors usually have time to help, even in the case of serious complications.Worse statistics on abortion at home.Such an interruption takes place in unsanitary conditions and without medical supervision.Annually killed dozens of women who decided to criminal abortion in our country.

Probability of dying - is a strong argument against abortion.But as practice shows, the majority of women do not believe in the possibility of such an outcome.What can cause the death of a woman?The most common severe bleeding, allergic shock, infectious complications lead to such consequences.Woman's life is in danger in any form of abortion.

against abortion: women's health

Every abortion is dangerous for women's health.Complications can arise even during the procedure itself.Other consequences are sometimes found after a long time.

Against abortion adjust the possible implications for reproductive health.Abortion provokes infertility and miscarriages in the future violates the menstrual cycle, causing gynecological diseases.Scraping may cause infertility in 10% of cases.Medical and mini-abortion have a good performance, but they also threaten the ability to bear healthy children in the future.

against abortion among adolescents and nulliparous tells the sad statistics.It is these groups of women are more likely to first decide to get rid of an unplanned pregnancy, and soon long treated for infertility.

Harmful if abortion reproductive health of adult women?Yes, even in this case the risk is high.Especially it is necessary to avoid repeat abortions, and abortions frequent interventions on the background of gynecological diseases.

demographic situation in Russia against abortion

In terms of the demographic situation in our country abortion - a great evil.The population decreases year after year.Of course, if all unplanned pregnancies end with the birth of healthy children, it would have a positive impact on the statistics.Against abortion at this point and said possibility of infertility in women in the future.Desire pregnancy may become impossible and hence the growth of the population is under the big question.

historical experience of our country showed that the abortion ban is ambiguous effect on the statistics.Yes, some increase in fertility was observed in the years of prohibition.But at the same time sharply increased the number of illegal abortions, which are particularly detrimental impact on women's health.Against abortion in terms of demographics must be fought most gently.First of all, attention should be paid to family planning, contraceptive introduction, material support for motherhood and childhood.Only these measures can bring the desired results.Legislation against abortion, most likely, simply translate them into hiding.

Ethical considerations against abortion

religious and atheistic morality in general unequivocally condemn abortion.Against abortion put forward strong arguments.First, even the unborn child confer all the rights of a free person.Secondly, abortion is considered as a step against the will of a higher power.At the same time condemned abortion especially among young people.Unplanned pregnancy among unmarried women as a whole is negative feedback.Even young mother without a stamp in the passport is little sympathy.Thus, the morality of society, not only against abortion but against sexual life outside of marriage in general.It is partly for fear of condemnation, women hide the pregnancy and come to an interrupt.Women who have children well into adulthood abortions, cause less negative assessments in the community.

arguments against abortion are many.In Russia, a woman granted the legal right to choose the most motherhood or abortion.At this stage of development of our society, this situation is quite justified.

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