When the starting month after the abortion - the norm and pathology

Abortion - serious interference with the female body, regardless of the method and timing of interruption of pregnancy.Even medical abortion, which excludes surgery, fear of possible complications.Before the termination of pregnancy, every woman needs to know about the specific effects of this procedure.It is important to restore a woman's body after the abortion took place under the supervision of a specialist.The first month after the abortion indicate the restoration of reproductive function of the ovaries.However, not always the restoration of the female reproductive system occurs without complications.If any signs of violations, including the case of delay menstruation after an abortion, you must contact your doctor.And even when the starting month after the abortion, it is necessary to continue to monitor their condition until full recovery of the menstrual cycle.

When the first month after the abortion

Many women are interested in answer to the question when starting month after the abortion.H

ow many post-abortion menses completely recovered?It depends on the age of the woman, her health status as well as on the method of abortion.

When starting monthly psychological confidence appears after abortion, many women that pregnancy has indeed been terminated.

after medical abortion bleeding usually occurs, which pushes from the uterus fertilized egg.The first month after an abortion should occur in accordance with the cycle.

When vacuum abortion fertilized egg is sucked through a tube.The first month after the vacuum abortion normally occur without delay.In the period when the starting month after the abortion, should not change the menstrual cycle.

often occurs after a delay of monthly instrumental abortion.On the restoration of the menstrual cycle can affect birth control pills.When taken regularly delay pills can not be.

time when starting month after the abortion, individually for each woman.If menses do not occur for a long time, it is possible that there was a significant hormonal failure or significant damage suffered sexual organs.

What are the monthly post-abortion

How much are monthly after an abortion, depending on the method of abortion, and the individual characteristics of the woman.If after an abortion in the uterus were part of the placenta, the fetus, the monthly will be heavy and prolonged.Monthly will be prolonged if the abortion was performed on the stage of pregnancy more than eight weeks.

How many post-abortion monthly for the duration of profusion and restored to normal depends on the image of a woman's life.After an abortion, a woman of about one to two weeks should limit physical activity.

particularly durable and plentiful month after medical abortion.Monthly after such an abortion usually last at least ten days.After medical abortion endometrium gradually exfoliate.Complete monthly begin only after 28-35 days after the abortion.

reasons for the delay menstruation after abortion

Delayed menstruation after an abortion may be associated with changes in hormonal background of the woman.During pregnancy a woman's body produces a lot of hormones.These hormones are necessary for normal development and gestation.After an abortion, these hormones are unnecessary.Hormonal failure after an abortion may also affect the vital organs (kidney, liver, reproductive organs).hormonal failure treatment is performed using formulations containing natural and synthetic hormones.To restore the menstrual cycle a woman should get tested to determine the concentration of hormones in the blood.