How to get pregnant after an abortion - a doctor's advice

Under abortion usually understand abortion.Indications and reluctance women could be for such a procedure to give birth, and social indicators, and medical problems.Often later a woman wants to become a mother.Therefore, for many the question arises, how to get pregnant after an abortion.Infertility can be a consequence of the artificial termination, but the majority of women's reproductive function is restored after an abortion, and birth of a healthy baby is entirely possible.

How to get pregnant after an abortion without harm to health

Abortion - is a serious interference in the female reproductive system.Induced abortion is harmful to the whole body, especially the genitals.Sometimes a woman decides to have a baby as soon as possible after the abortion.This selection is the result of many psychological and social reasons, and is a private matter of each woman.But how to get pregnant after an abortion without harm to health?Physicians of patients provided with detailed instructions on this matter.

An important factor is the next pregnancy.If a woman becomes pregnant within a month after the abortion, her body undergoes tremendous stress, and the birth of a healthy child is a big question.It is believed that after any abortion should pass at least the next 3-6 months before conception.It is for this reason that doctors prescribe most reliable women combined oral contraceptives after abortion.

Abortion with pills is less likely to interfere with the natural processes of the female body.Almost immediately become pregnant after an abortion of this type is not too difficult.However, we must remember that the egg comes into the development cycle for the three months prior to ovulation.Pregnancy and use antigestagens for interruption can adversely affect the egg during this period that may impact on the future health of your baby.How to get pregnant after the abortion pill without harm to mother and child health?It should be protected for at least 3 months after the interruption, and only then cancel contraceptives.

How to get pregnant after an abortion in the first trimester

Most abortions performed at relatively early stages, ie before 12 weeks.During this period, possibly holding a mini-abortion, drug interruption or curettage.How to get pregnant after an abortion in the first trimester?Hormonal problems, inflammation of the pelvis and mechanical trauma can cause infertility in such interventions.The least number of problems in the reproductive apparatus causes an abortion with pills.But even the classic interruption via curettage is not a sentence.Infertility does not occur so often.There are many stories in which the patient became pregnant immediately after an abortion.While such situations are highly undesirable, they show huge reserves of strength of women's health.

next pregnancy after an abortion have to be planned.The survey should precede conception.Minimally woman should visit a gynecologist to do ultrasound of the uterus and appendages, tested for latent infections.How to get pregnant after an abortion if the health problems there?In the event that a serious disease is not detected, the woman is prescribed folic acid supplements, and in some cases, potassium iodide, then recommend a regular sexual life without contraception.

How to get pregnant after an abortion, complicated by inflammation?Infectious process in the pelvis after the abortion occurs often enough.This situation often causes an abnormality in the part of women.Inflammation causes a violation of personal care products, non-prescription medicines and the early resumption of sexual activity.Inflammation of the adhesive process is complicated, which makes it impassable fallopian tubes for the egg.In this case, pregnancy does not occur or is ectopic.For the treatment of infertility in this case, a prompt restoration of tubal patency or in vitro fertilization.

How to get pregnant after an abortion at a hormonal imbalance?A manifestation of such problems is a violation of the menstrual cycle.The woman is no cyclic changes in the endometrium and the egg matures.Treatment is carried out gynecologist-endocrinologist.Special preparations provoke ovulation.Next, the entire first trimester of pregnancy is carried out hormonal support progestins.

How to get pregnant after an abortion at later stages

late-term abortions is most often associated with deep problems in the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus.Such intervention often causes long-term hormonal disorders and infertility.How to get pregnant after an abortion at later stages?First woman takes birth control pills for at least six months.Next, you need a thorough examination by doctors of different specialties.Doctors give an opinion on the possibility of the next pregnancy.Sometimes a woman has a disease that will make the next pregnancy is dangerous for health.include heart failure These problems, severe diabetes, and others.In this case, the conception must be prevented.Having a baby is only possible with the help of a surrogate mother.

How to get pregnant after an abortion, if it began to cause fetal genetic problems?The most common chromosomal abnormalities are random.A survey at the doctor-geneticist will tell whether or not to rely on the birth of a healthy baby in the future.Some hereditary problems decides to modern medicine.In vitro fertilization to determine the genetic set of a fertilized egg before transfer to the uterus, which eliminates most of the anomalies in the unborn child.

pregnancy immediately after abortion

Many women faced with an unplanned pregnancy is very common.This fertility is not so much a reflection of the excellent reproductive health as an irresponsible attitude to planning their lives.After a classical abortion abstinence is recommended for 30 days, after a mini-abortion and taking pills to abort without sex should do at least 2-3 weeks.Furthermore, the patient administered oral contraceptives for 3-6 months.If a woman becomes pregnant within a month after the abortion, then, apparently, it is neglected by all medical recommendations.

become pregnant immediately after an abortion - that means actually put himself in an impossible position.Repeated artificial interruption is extremely dangerous for the general and reproductive health.But the continuation of the pregnancy and is associated with potential risks.

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