Delay after abortion - Causes and Consequences

cycle disorders after abortion is a common complication.Abortions grossly interferes with the natural processes of the female body.Any kind of abortion in any period of time from conception can lead to a delay menstruation.

Menstruation after abortion

After termination of pregnancy the female body enters a new menstrual cycle.Day start bleeding after abortion is considered the first day of menstruation.Scraping, vacuum aspiration in the first trimester leads to the destruction of the ovum on the day of the procedure.From this point on it is considered a new cycle after abortion.If the abortion is carried out using tablets, the appearance of secretions from the genital tract for 3-4 day is the first day of menstruation after abortion.Bleeding after abortion is not really a proper menstruation, but allows you to count down the days of the cycle.

first real menstruation to take place in the natural as possible after the abortion.Norma is considered the beginning of bleeding after 21-35 days.Much depend

s on the natural menstrual cycle length in this woman.If this period is, for example, 30 days, so he has to stay and after the abortion.Delay after abortion is not uncommon, but it can not be considered the norm.If the intervention is carried out in the standard terms of up to 12 weeks, it is possible to hope for a speedy recovery of menstrual function.The earlier aborting, the delay is less common after abortion.Gynecologists monitor the recovery cycle after abortion.To do this, the planned visit to the doctor appointed by certain dates.

delay after an abortion in late pregnancy is very common.Normally, the body requires a minimum of three months to recover.This is due to fundamental changes in the hormonal background of the pregnant woman after the active function of the placenta, which corresponds to the second trimester of pregnancy.Late-term abortions is a dangerous procedure for women's reproductive health.Partly because of this abortion on the woman's request is carried out only up to 12 weeks.

Menstruation after an abortion may be different from the usual duration, pain, profuse discharge.Any changes should definitely inform the gynecologist.This information can be used for drawing up the plan of examination and treatment.Delay after an abortion is considered a valid reason for the mandatory visit to the doctor.

reasons for the delay after abortion

Several reasons can cause a delay after the abortion.In the first place there are hormonal factors.Any abortion violates the natural balance of female hormones.Suffers natural regulation of the endocrine system.Interaction of the central structures (the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland) and ovaries roughly suppressed.Delay after abortion causes lack of concentration of hormones and lack of cyclic changes in their level.The greatest danger in this respect is the late-term abortions.Hormonal cause of absence of menstruation is functional.Normalization of the menstrual cycle in this case is possible after appropriate treatment.

Another reason for the delay after an abortion is a strong emotional stress.Despite the relative rarity of such a reaction, it must be borne in mind.Depression provokes increase prolactin hormone, which leads to a lack of ovulation and menstruation.

delay after the abortion can be caused by mechanical damage to the basal layer of the endometrium.Such a situation is possible with a rough scraping during surgical abortion on term of 7-12 weeks.The more damage, the less chance to restore the natural cycle.In the most extreme cases there is total removal of the basal layer of the endometrium.In such a situation it is formed amenorrhea and infertility in normal ovarian function.

Another reason for the delay after an abortion - a new pregnancy.Gynecologists carried out by women talk about family planning and post-abortion contraception mandatory for at least 3 months.Most women are assigned reliable pill to protect against unwanted pregnancy.Also, in the normal sexual life abortion is banned for a month.However, already in the first cycle after abortion, many irresponsible to ignore the recommendations of the pair of gynecologists.Some people believe that just do not get pregnant.Unfortunately, it is not so.Within 10-14 days, some women ovulate, which means that conception is possible.Standard pregnancy test, a blood test for human chorionic gonadotropin, ultrasound examination of the uterus will help to diagnose the fact of pregnancy.But what to do in this case?Repeated abortion is particularly devastating effect on women's health.However, the continuation of the pregnancy can be called into question because of the consequences of the recent interruption.

What abortion safer

Any abortion may lead to a delay.However, some interference largely disturb the natural cycle than the others.It is believed that menstruation after abortion pills recover best.Clinical observations confirm this view, especially if the interruption is carried out for up to 6 weeks.Mini abortion using vacuum aspiration of the uterus is also rarely causes cycle disorders.Much worse situation with a delay after the abortion with mechanical dilatation and curettage.Such intervention is complicated by the breach of a cycle of more than a quarter of women.If the interruption is carried out after 9 weeks, after abortion delay occurs more frequently.

late-term abortions always leads to the development of violations of the natural cycle.Safe surgery after 12 weeks of pregnancy simply do not exist.

delay prevention after an abortion

planning pregnancy and careful contraception is prevention as abortion and its complications.If unwanted conception actually happened, you can restore the normal cycle is necessary as soon as possible to seek medical help.The earlier aborted pregnancy, the greater the chances of avoiding a delay after the abortion.Selection of trusted medical center and a qualified doctor will also affect the result.

Doctors conducting a delay prevention after an abortion with pills.Normally, almost all women are prescribed combined oral contraceptives after the abortion.These drugs mimic the natural cycle, partly restore hormonal balance, and most importantly reliable protection from unwanted pregnancy repeated.

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