Life after abortion - the psychological state of women

Abortion is a traumatic event in the life of any woman.The consequences of this procedure may occur many years later.Sometimes the fore the problems that at first no one takes seriously, that is psychological.But life goes on after an abortion, and need to find the strength to overcome any difficulties.

What happens after an abortion

Abortion violates the natural hormones and physiological processes of the female body.What happens after an abortion?At the level of substances that produce the corpus luteum of pregnancy, or placenta blood for a short time plummets.As a matter of urgency the body has to be reconstructed on the new regime.All changes are intended for carrying baby and future mother, find themselves in an instant unnecessary.The central endocrine pituitary gland and the hypothalamus must go back to the natural rhythm of secretion, which was before the pregnancy.The function of peripheral organs also rearranged in a new way.Unpleasant symptoms after abortion are related in part precisely t

o these drastic changes too.

Induced abortion is always fraught with the risk of bleeding and complications.Operational abortion may also be complicated by cervical trauma.What happens after an abortion?The volume of circulating blood is reduced by reserves fluids and drinking, but the hemoglobin level may remain low for a long time with insufficient intake of iron.In this situation, a part of the symptoms after an abortion is associated with anemia.A woman can be confusing for severe weakness, lethargy, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, hair loss.

Inflammation often complicates life after an abortion.Any abortion can cause infection in the pelvis.Manifestations of such effects is pain, irregular menstruation, infertility, discharge from the genital tract.For the prevention of inflammation are advised to observe personal hygiene and for 30 days to abstain from sexual activity.

Certain symptoms associated with post-abortion psychological integrity of women.Sometimes developing severe depression, thoughts of suicide occur.A woman undergoing abortion as an acute injury may withdraw into themselves.Very often broken relationship with a man in a pair.The hardest part is the psychological state of women who had an abortion under the pressure of the partner or parents, other relatives.

sexual life after an abortion

after classical surgical abortion on term of 7-12 weeks sex life is prohibited for a month.Mini-abortion and drug interruption not bear such severe restrictions, but 10-14 days of abstinence is also recommended.Sex life after a late-term abortions are prohibited within 6-8 weeks.

after any abortion conception absolutely contraindicated for 3-6 months.All women should always reliable contraception.Most often it is a combined oral contraceptive.

sexual life after an abortion may be a long time not to bring a special joy.Pain, discomfort, lack of orgasm is most often associated with psychological experiences.It requires treatment by a specialist for the normalization of sexual relations.

symptoms after abortion abortion

type affects the condition of the woman.The most easily tolerated by the body for a conservative abortion: vacuum aspiration or medication.Symptoms of post-abortion care in this case will be limited to the uterine bleeding within 2-3 days.Induced abortion with pills is accompanied by pain of varying intensity.The pain may persist for 2-3 days after the abortion.Life after abortion in small terms quickly bounces back.Rarely observed the menstrual cycle.Psychological trauma is also the smaller, the smaller the gestational age.Symptoms of post-abortion care (classical) at time of 7-12 weeks are more pronounced.Bleeding lasts for a few days longer and is more abundant.Abdominal pain are not the norm, but some discomfort persists for more than a week.Within 4-6 weeks of the menstrual cycle should be restored.If this does not happen, it is necessary to examination by a gynecologist.

Life after abortion in the later stages comes to normal gradually.The reason for the artificial termination most often medical conditions, and therefore, the loss of a baby is perceived desirable particularly acute.Symptoms of post-abortion care for a period of 12 weeks are stored up to 3 months.During the same period should be restored menstrual cycle.A visit to a psychologist or psychotherapist to help women overcome the guilt and regain self-confidence.

Warning signs after abortion

Life after abortion in any case involves a visit hospitals to monitor.Pre-negotiate with the gynecologist reception date.During a visit to the doctor tell us in detail about the symptoms of post-abortion care.The most worrying signs after abortion: prolonged bleeding, clear or dark discharge from the genital tract, fever, pain in the pelvic area, constipation, menstrual disorders, loss of consciousness episodes, insomnia, heart palpitations, severe weakness.

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