Where abortion and charge it?

Abortion can occur for various reasons.Typically, it is conducted in up to 12 weeks, when there is the least risk not only for health, but for the life of the woman.However, for medical reasons, this period can be extended up to 22 weeks.Selection of clinics where abortion and its cost depends on the method of the procedure, social and medical indications.

Where abortion?

If there are medical indications for abortion, the doctor giving the direction, tell you where abortion, as well as any further need to get tested.As a rule, an abortion paid, but for medical or social reasons costs can be paid by the insurance company.

Social readings in different countries may differ slightly.Typically, they include:

  • Pregnancy due to rape;
  • death of her husband;
  • divorce during pregnancy;
  • Depriving women of their parental rights.

presence or absence of social reasons does not affect where the abortion.For the abortion procedure can be handled in hospitals and clinics with gynecological or maternity ward.In c

arrying out the procedure in the present conditions are not to be feared that an abortion hurts because when conducting anesthesia is used.

abortion in the early stages may take place in medical centers with the appropriate license.For a medical abortion hospital stay is required.After studies gynecologist appoints the necessary medicines, as well as ensures that the abortion took place without complications.

medical indications for abortion are diseases and conditions that can lead to the woman's death.Usually depends on them, abortion is paid or the cost of its holding will cover health insurance.

also medical indications are diagnosed fetal malformations, which, in the doctor's opinion, incompatible with life.The presence of such evidence does not affect where the abortion, but if the procedure is performed in the later stages, the doctor usually prescribes the direction in the gynecological ward of the district hospital, equipped with the necessary equipment.

list of medical indications rather extensive, but often interrupted spend the following medical indications:

  • Contact pregnant with rubella patients for up to 12 weeks;
  • Tuberculosis flowing in the active stage;
  • presence of severe diabetes, flowing with renal impairment;
  • presence of malignant tumors, for which treatment is carried out x-rays of the pelvic organs mother;
  • presence of acute leukemia and some severe diseases of the blood;
  • occurring in the active phase of certain diseases of the endocrine system;
  • All kinds of drug addiction;
  • Mental illness occurring in severe forms;
  • presence of epilepsy when resistance to treatment and frequent seizures;
  • Various neuroinfections, including meningitis, encephalitis, and acute cerebral hemorrhage;
  • not amenable to excessive vomiting treatment;
  • Peptic ulcer bleeding;
  • Severe heart defects;
  • Glomerulonephritis;
  • hepatitis and liver cirrhosis at a later stage;
  • System and rheumatic diseases occurring acute form.

Technique abortion

Many young women fear that abortion hurt.However, in modern conditions any kind of abortion is painless, so be extremely wary of possible complications.

Medical abortion surcharge.Despite the apparent simplicity of this procedure, it is not recommended independently at home.The occurrence of complications after medical abortion - rather common phenomenon.In addition, the doctor will be able to correctly calculate the required dosage of the drug and prescribe treatment for the rapid restoration of the female reproductive function.

Another common method of abortion is vacuum aspiration.Technique of the meeting is to suction the fetus and placenta from the uterus.Today, this method is practically replaced classical scraping more dangerous, which can cause great damage to the mucous membrane of the uterus.

Usually this type of surgical abortion causes women's greatest concern that abortion hurt.However, this is not so, because it uses general or local anesthesia during the procedure.

When conducting a local anesthetic drug is injected directly into the cervix, which causes its expansion with simultaneous anesthesia.Sometimes for half an hour before the local anesthetic is administered sedatives.The use of general anesthesia prolongs the time of the hospital, depending on the individual response to the medication administered.

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