Stomach after abortion

abortion - abortion by surgical or medical.Modern techniques allow for the termination of pregnancy with the least impact on the health of the woman.Some complications such as abdominal pain after abortion unavoidable.Why after abortion stomach ache?What are the symptoms of post-abortion care are the norm for this?In developing any symptoms should seek emergency medical attention?

abdomen after abortion: that is the norm and deviation

Sensations patients after abortion vary depending on the method of abortion.So, at the moment there are two main methods of abortion:

  • Surgery, which consists in the introduction of necessary instruments into the uterus, the rejection and removal of the ovum.In most cases, dilation (widening) of the cervical canal to access the uterus.vacuum aspiration procedure is also carried out in rare cases with forced dilation (nulliparous women in particular);
  • medical termination of gestation, which consists in the sequential administration of drugs that stimulate rejection of
    the fetus from the uterus and uterine contractile activity of muscles for the expulsion of the embryo from the cavity.

abdomen after an abortion, conducted by one of these methods, painful.The character of the pain with moderate.Most patients go without pain medications.Norma is a cramping pain, aching, pulling character for 3-5 days after the abortion.Abdominal pain after an abortion is often accompanied by a bloody discharge.The number of blood will vary.Many patients note selection bleeding clots and moderate dull pain in the stomach, stop for 2-3 days after the procedure.

normal state of women considered:

  • Moderate pain pulling, aching, cramping in nature for 3-5 days.Such a state is due to the reduction of the uterus to its original dimensions.Rarely abdominal pain after an abortion is given in the lumbar region;
  • spotting for 3-5 days after the abortion, due to mechanical damage to the walls and cervix, as well as rejection and extraction / expulsion of the embryo from its cavity;
  • little discomfort in the vagina and the lower abdomen after the abortion for 3-5 days.

deviation from the normal state of women after abortion are:

  • Prolonged unbearable abdominal pain after abortion;
  • Excessive bleeding continuing;
  • absence of bleeding after the procedure;
  • vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor;
  • Fever;
  • Heart palpitations;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • Signs ongoing pregnancy (sensitivity and swelling of the mammary glands, nausea, etc.).

After termination of pregnancy a woman should be under medical supervision, timely passing examinations and conducting additional tests in order to avoid complications.If you encounter one of these symptoms the patient should seek immediate medical attention.

After abortion stomach ache: the main causes of pain after surgery

Many women say that after abortion stomach ache.The main causes of pain after an abortion, carried out by traditional curettage (dilation and curettage), or using a vacuum aspirator, is mechanical damage to the inner lining of the uterus and cervix.After an abortion on the inner wall of the uterus is wound surface favorable for planting of vaginal flora bacteria, which in turn provoke the development of the inflammatory process.If a post-abortion pain persists for a long period, it is necessary to exclude the development of acute endometritis - infection and inflammation of the uterus.Infections are the most common causes of pain after an abortion.

Another cause abdominal pain after abortion conducted by surgery, a small amount of blood entering into the abdominal cavity.During the procedure, blood spills out not only through the vaginal cavity and retraction - through the fallopian tubes, causing abdominal pain and forming adhesions, fallopian tubes disturbing.

reason for intense abdominal pain after an abortion may be significant mechanical damage to the wall of the uterus during the procedure.In rare cases, possible perforation - uterine wall rupture, with consequent damage to the abdominal cavity.

Another cause abdominal pain after abortion is early spasm and cervical blood residues and delay the ovum in the uterine cavity, which can lead to inflammation or aggravate it.The absence of secretions after abortion - a potentially dangerous symptom that requires immediate treatment for medical assistance.

It should be noted that the abdominal pain after an abortion is not desirable to stop anesthetics.To determine the exact cause of the pain the important parameters are intensity and severity of pain and the frequency of its manifestations.In the event of any type of pain women are advised to consult a doctor.

Pain in the abdomen after medical abortion: causes pain

Abortion conducted by medication, is fundamentally different mechanism of abortions.Medical abortion is positioned as the safest and most optimal method of interrupting an unwanted pregnancy.Pain in the lower abdomen after the abortion medical drugs are stinging, pulling cramping in nature.The first pain occur after 2-4 hours after taking the dose provoking the death of the fetus and of stimulating contraction of the myometrium, leading to abortion.In the next 36-48 hours, the woman receives a second dose of the drug-containing substances like prostaglandins, which stimulate the contractile activity of muscles of the uterus and expulsion of the fetus from the cavity.

Abdominal pain after abortion medical character are stored for the next 3-5 days, which is also due to the reduction of the uterus to its original settings.

What do intense pain after abortion pharmaceutical?The main cause of severe abdominal pain after medical abortion is a continuing pregnancy and incomplete abortion.

Up to 5% of medical abortions are completed, retaining live pregnancy.In 7% of cases of abortion drugs may fail to terminate a pregnancy without the expulsion of the fetus from the uterus, which can cause inflammation and the development of sepsis.

pain after abortion of any nature are disturbing symptom and a cause for an immediate visit to the doctor.A large number of abortions terminated chronic endometritis, which is one of the common causes of infertility.Its development can be prevented by timely treatment to the doctor, but it completely cured his chronic form is very difficult.

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