Chest after abortion - how to restore

Abortion - traumatic procedure.Condition after abortion can be difficult both in physiological and psychological sense.If pregnancy occurs in a woman's body starts the process necessary for the development and conservation of the fruit.And if this process is forcibly stopped, the body will react to such a stop is very painful.Often women chest pain after an abortion, because the breasts are very sensitive to any changes in the body.Chest pain after an abortion may signal the occurrence of various complications (mastitis or even tumors).

Why sore breasts after abortion

Before pregnancy in a woman's breasts very few cells that produce milk and other substances.But mainly the chest consists of connective tissue.During pregnancy, the number of cells required for milk production, increases sharply due to increased production of estrogen and other sex hormones.This explains the appearance of hypersensitivity breast - the first symptom of pregnancy.

Due to the increase in net lactation ducts in the period

and increases the risk of further propagation of cancer cells.The probability of developing cancer decreases after the birth, when breast cells are fully prepared for milk production.

breast maturation process after abortion stops at precisely the moment when the breast tissue is highly susceptible to the development of cancer.And some in this time of big and small benign nodules can appear.

breast cells are returned to the state in which were before pregnancy.Chest after abortion recovered pretty quickly with not very serious restructuring of the body, when the pregnancy period is not yet large.However, some cells did not return to their former state, and therefore a high probability that one can develop different types of tumors.

According to medical statistics at the women who have more than two abortions, the risk of mastitis increases in seven or eight times.However, there is much of a difference as it was done interrupt.In any case, the chest pain after an abortion and disrupted the normal hormones of the female organism.

Sometimes the chest pain after an abortion due to the fact that abortion was unsuccessful.After an unsuccessful abortion the fruit continues to grow.

If chest pain after an abortion does not stop for a long time, it is necessary to refer to mammologist.He will find out the true cause of pain and determine the general condition of the breast.

condition after abortion: how to restore

condition after an abortion is often such that the necessary rehabilitation.After an abortion may get antibiotics.

To speed up recovery after an abortion is necessary to stop the sexual life before the completion of the first menstrual cycle after abortion.

Within two to three weeks after the abortion can not lift heavy objects or engage in heavy physical labor.

We must carefully monitor their health on a regular basis to measure body temperature, pressure, pulse rate.At the slightest deviation from the norm is necessary to consult a doctor immediately.

Abortion, like any surgery, greatly depletes the body.Therefore, there should be a full and proper nutrition in the recovery period.

To restore the previous state after an abortion is very important to observe the rules of personal hygiene.

The diet with high fiber foods will help normalize hormone levels and thus relieve the pain in the chest after an abortion.

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