Discharge after the abortion - how much and what are

Induced abortion - abortion, always accompanied by a discharge.This is due to the fact that when there is any kind of abortion forced removal of the ovum from the uterine cavity with damage to its walls, with a large number of blood vessels.

Bloody discharge after abortion - a normal phenomenon, but the nature of them may be different.In addition, they can be protracted, which is caused by a variety of complications.

discharge after abortion What are considered normal

In order to talk about the normal secretions need to be reminded that there are medication abortion, vacuum and instrumentation (surgery).These methods are different, hence the separation thereafter differ in the amount and duration.

concerned women often ask how many are selected after an abortion.Their duration depends not only on the method of abortion, but also from her life, as well as the individual characteristics of the female organism.

In the classical surgical abortion fertilized egg instrumental scraping of the uterine cav

ity.The process is accompanied by pain and significant blood loss.Moreover, depending on the length of pregnancy, amount of bleeding may be higher or lower.Typically the volume significantly exceeds their normal menstrual discharge.They continue for about 10 days.In the first days after the abortion, separation are scarlet, their number gradually decreases and they become darker, often brown.

After medical abortion, carried out with the help of hormones, the fetus is expelled from the uterus along with the massive bleeding.If a woman follows the secretions, it can see the output of the dense formation of pink color, ie,ovum.Selections can be abundant for 2 days, then become increasingly scarce, turning into smearing, they proceed to the next menstruation.

vacuum abortion occurs with less blood loss, and isolation are of short duration.This is due to the fact that this method of abortion used in the earliest timing when the fertilized egg has not yet had time to fully implanted in the uterine lining.

Given all the above, we can confidently assert that after an abortion should be a discharge.But because of their nature should be carefully monitored to avoid complications.

Pathology secretions after abortion

There are cases where women who have had an abortion, sharply terminated selection.Unfortunately this is not the best indicator.At the time of discharge from the uterus out of the fruit of all the remaining particles.If the discharge stopped for 3-4 days, then maybe there was a cervical spasm and accumulates in large amounts of blood.As a result of sepsis can begin.You must consult your doctor immediately.

requires urgent medical intervention and excessive bleeding.It happens due to the fact that the body of the uterus fetal particles remained.This condition requires emergency medical care - the uterine cavity curettage.

If we talk about what allocation after abortion are pathologies that necessarily must be said that the change in color and odor discharge, often shows the development in the uterus of infectious-inflammatory process, often requiring a sufficiently intense and serious treatment.

Brown discharge after abortion

Sometimes women who have had an abortion, frightened appearance of brown discharge.If the selection of light-brown color and do not have a sharp odor, do not worry.This clot coming out of the uterus.

But sometimes the appearance of brown discharge after abortion, said the formation of placental polyps in the uterus.This disease is not dangerous, but still a polyp should be removed becauseprolonged bleeding can lead to posthemorrhagic anemia.

order to solve individual questions about what allocation after an abortion be considered normal, it is best to consult a doctor.The doctor, on the background of further investigations and analyzes, give recommendations.

Therefore, if you are in doubt, consult your doctor.Take care of yourself, because after an abortion a woman's body is very vulnerable.

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