Types of abortion in the early and late stages

Under abortion in the broadest sense means any premature termination of pregnancy.However, often this word we understand the medical intervention to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.There are several types of abortions.The decision as to what kind it is necessary to carry out the procedure accepted by the doctor.

In the first trimester of pregnancy performed the maximum number of medical abortions.In up to 12 weeks the woman herself determines for itself whether it will give birth to a child.

Types of abortion in the early stages

Obstetric pregnancy are calculated depending on the first day of the last menstrual period.According to these criteria at the moment of conception period it is two weeks.On the first day of delay menstruation pregnancy period is assumed to be 4 weeks.What can be considered a small period?Typically, this period is 63 days from the last menstrual period, ie 9 obstetric weeks.

There are several types of abortion in the early stages.Even before the diagnosis of pregnancy emerg

ency contraception can be used.These measures are in fact a medical abortion on term of 2-3 weeks.To include such a contraceptive intrauterine device installation, use of hormonal drugs or mifepristone at a defined dose.

for a period of 4-6 weeks of pregnancy may conduct another type of abortion - vacuum aspiration of the uterus content.This intervention is considered to be conservative and may be carried out without hospitalization.Such an abortion is also called mini-abortion.The big advantage of vacuum aspiration in the early stages is the lack of mechanical expansion of the cervix during the procedure.Many gynecologists believe this method is the safest abortion views.

Up to 63 days of pregnancy may interrupt her medication.For up to 7 weeks, this procedure is carried out in a clinic, and the term of 8-9 weeks - only in a hospital.Herbal form of abortion closest approaches to the mechanism of spontaneous abortion, ie abortion.For two days, the woman takes drugs scheme antigestagens and prostaglandins.Tablets provoke the death of the embryo and its expulsion from the uterus.Gynecologists called the procedure the most harmless kind of abortion for women's reproductive health.This means that the development of infertility when properly executed interference occurs very rarely.However, medical abortion can cause severe bleeding and inflammation.

Types of abortion in term of 7-12 weeks

If the interruption was not made at the earliest timing, after 7 weeks is possible to conduct a classical abortion.This intervention is considered to be expeditious and is conducted in a hospital environment.What are the characteristics of this type of abortion?Firstly, manipulations are performed under anesthesia.The most commonly used intravenous anesthesia.Secondly, classical abortion involves mechanical dilatation channel.Sometimes, such an intervention can provoke miscarriage in subsequent pregnancies.Of particular danger is the mechanical expansion of the cervix for nulliparous women.The main part of the operational type of abortion is curettage of the endometrium or vacuum aspiration.

Up to 9 weeks, you can perform a medical termination.But in this period the use of tablets is fraught with serious complications.Therefore, medical termination of pregnancy is not considered to be the safest form of abortion after 7 weeks.

Types of abortion at later stages

In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, abortion is dangerous for women's health.However, the presence of social indications for interruption for up to 22 weeks or health at any stage can cause abortion.

most suitable type of late-term abortion doctor chooses.Much depends on the state of women's health.The presence of heart failure, marked metabolic disorders and cause other serious problems holding small cesarean section.This operation is transferred more easily than other types of abortion, as it excludes labor.

If a satisfactory state of health of women, the amniotic fluid is a hypertonic solution of sodium chloride can be introduced, which causes the death of the fetus.Next, apply drugs that cause uterine contractions and expulsion of its contents.This type of abortion performed in the gynecology department experienced gynecologist.

Any interruption of pregnancy after 22 weeks is possible only under strict medical indications.Any kind of abortion in this period are considered to be artificial premature birth or caesarean section.If the child is born alive, the medical staff conducts resuscitation procedures and sends the kid in the children's department for nursing.Currently, many children born very preterm survive.However, they often have health problems.

safest form of abortion

Any kind of abortion - a serious test for the physical and mental health of women.Complication of the intervention may be bleeding, inflammation, menstrual disorders, infertility, depression, etc.

safest form of abortion is chosen individually.Most gynecologists opt for the medical termination.This abortion is the least effect on the menstrual cycle and fertility.Vacuum aspiration without mechanical dilatation is also quite safe.Its advantage is less risk of bleeding and delay of the ovum in the uterus.Some doctors call the safest form of abortion classical intervention.This abortion guarantees 100% efficiency at a reasonably good safety profile.

At later stages of any kind of abortion is considered a serious intervention.Faster restores reproductive health when artificial birth.Small cesarean section - the safest form of abortion for women cardiovascular system.Labor leads to high blood pressure, the risk of hemorrhage.When the operation does not cause contractions and the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system is supported by an anesthesiologist.

illegal abortions

A few words must be said about illegal abortion.

This type of abortion threatens not only health, but also a woman's life.Ways to criminal abortion there is a huge amount.In any case, the woman is in danger of severe bleeding, inflammation of the pelvic organs, blood poisoning.In our country, carried out different types of abortion, including the woman's request.All seek medical care privacy is guaranteed.Classic abortion at 7-12 weeks of dates is free of charge under the policy.Adolescents after 15 years may decide an abortion without notifying the parents.All of the above makes the kind of criminal abortion is not necessary for the majority of Russian women.

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