Worms in pregnant women - treatment and prevention

worms The word most people experience various unpleasant associations.Especially when they appear in women awaiting the birth of the baby.This causes a sense of panic, like most expectant mother and her family.After all, every woman during pregnancy is trying to carefully monitor their health.But why no one is safe in this life and if it so happened that in the survey found worms, do not give in to fear.It could harm your child.And worms in pregnant women is not a rare phenomenon.So just need to decide on treatment.

Worms during pregnancy

Saying that worms are harmless, it means harming their health.Worm infestation is as dangerous as any other disease.Most often, when examining pregnant women are such varieties of worms like roundworm, whipworm, pinworm or dwarf tapeworm.

Worms during pregnancy is often diagnosed only during coprological research.This is due to the fact that the main symptoms of helminthic invasion (nausea, vomiting, slight abdominal pain) are often regarded as a manifestation of t

oxicosis pregnant.Therefore women when registering necessarily assigned fecal worm eggs.

Helminthiases during pregnancy should always be treated.After all, they can trigger spontaneous abortion - miscarriage in the early stages.Sometimes observed on the background of arterial hypotension, anemia, changes in blood clotting, which in turn has an adverse effect on fetal development.

most dangerous to the fetus are roundworm.Their larvae can freely cross the placenta and to settle in the fetus.Depending on the location of the localization of various complications are possible.So if the larvae get into the brain of the developing fetus, it will lead to the formation of cerebral cysts.Check them in the respiratory organs, manifested after the birth of many respiratory diseases, responds poorly to standard treatment regimens.

Worms in pregnant women: treatment

worm infestation in pregnant women is not only able to give them a feeling of discomfort, but also, as we have said, have a negative effect on pregnancy.However, treatment of worms in pregnant women is not so simply becausealmost all drugs used for this are quite toxic and banned for use in pregnant women.

Therefore, in cases where the worms do not appear in pregnant symptomatic, experts advise to wait until birth and then actively treat worm infestations.

But if there are clinical manifestations of helminthic infestation, such as severe nausea, weight loss, abdominal pain, development of difficult to treat iron deficiency anemia, you should start therapy during pregnancy.And best of all, in this case to resort to long-tested folk remedies treatment of worms in pregnant women.However, be aware that not all methods are good at this.

is now well known that there are many medicinal plants that have anthelmintic activity.These include nettles, onions, garlic.Perfect for getting rid of intestinal worms and also papaya, chamomile, radish, carrots, watermelon, pomegranate, cranberries and valerian.However, not all of these plants are well tolerated by pregnant.Therefore, before you start taking them, it is necessary to consult with your gynecologist.

most popular and inoffensive for the mother and child by means of worms are still raw pumpkin seeds along with their green film.A method for treating a lot of pumpkin seeds.The simplest of them - eat fasting 2-3 tablespoons of crushed seeds for bowel relief after two hours, drink 2 tablespoons of olive oil.Together with the feces and worms will go away.These steps can be repeated 2 - 3 times.

When worms in pregnant women can be recommended and just eat in the morning and evening for half cup of sunflower seeds during the week of 30 - 40 minutes before a meal.Enough effective and considered this way: Mix 100 g of finely ground and mixing with 40 g of water, seeds, and drink this mixture 4 times a day to 25 grams.

Pumpkin seeds - absolutely harmless and even useful method of treatment.

Get rid of worms during pregnancy as possible and with the help of enemas with water from the infusion of garlic and tarragon pharmacy.They should be done daily for five days.Enema with the infusion of chamomile is also used to treat worms in pregnant women.And the use of soap enemas pregnant women should be abandoned.

nibbling, as much as possible carrots.It expels parasites and supports your body during pregnancy.

Another little tip.Dairy products - enabling environment for the worms, so the period of treatment, avoid them.

Preventing worms

To avoid such troubles, as the worms in pregnant women should strictly adhere to the rules of personal hygiene.Thoroughly and frequently wash your hands with soap and water coming from the street, before eating, after using the toilet, communicating with all, even pets.Vegetables and fruits, herbs necessarily wash with boiled water.Chalice change bed linen and towels.Wash them in hot water and ironed at a high temperature iron.Panties wearing tight-fitting to the body.At dawn and dusk the intimate toilet be sure to use soap.

Remember that prevention is much safer and calmer than the treatment of worms in a pregnant woman.Remind all household about personal hygiene.

Worms in pregnant women should not be an obstacle to a happy and joyful expectation of the birth of the new man.

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