Can I get pregnant during inflammation

Can I get pregnant during inflammation appendages, and other reproductive organs, depends on the presence of complications, stage of the disease, age and physiological characteristics of women.In modern gynecology developed a special treatment of inflammation of the ovaries, is also intended for the restoration of the reproductive system of women and for the further normal pregnancy and childbirth without pathologies.

Can I get pregnant during inflammation appendages

can get pregnant at an inflammation of appendages, if connective tissue is dense formations that create obstruction of the fallopian tubes for the egg.Also, harmful microorganisms can disrupt the functioning of the egg and prevent its promotion to the uterus.Such lesions may result in infertility and ectopic pregnancy.

When inflammation of the appendages ovulation takes place slowly and not enough progesterone is produced.Pregnancy may be delayed or interrupted in the early stages.

inflammation appendages during pregnancy may result in

an ectopic type, requiring a thorough examination in the presence of inflammation in the epididymis.

also inflammation of the appendages during pregnancy may cause damage to the internal tissues of the uterus and reduce its protective function against viruses and bacteria, and the embryo can be perceived by the body as a foreign object that carries harm.

can get pregnant at an inflammation of appendages, but the ovum it is often attached to the lower uterine departments, therefore a high risk of bleeding during pregnancy.Inflammation can trigger the production of antibodies by the body and the development of thrombus syndrome.The main complication of this syndrome is the formation of blood clots and placental abruption.

help determine whether it is possible to become pregnant with the inflammation of the appendages, ultrasound, urine and blood samples, swabs from the genital organs.Before pregnancy should undergo treatment and anti-hormones, and vitamin therapy course.Pregnancy should occur no sooner than 6 months after full recovery.

Effects of inflammation of the ovaries

inflammation of the ovaries is the most common gynecological disorder in women.An urgent problem is the question whether it is possible to get pregnant with the inflammation of the ovaries.

most common causes of inflammation of the ovaries are getting germs and viruses during intercourse or poor body hygiene.In some cases, cause inflammation of the ovaries may be abortion, infectious and inflammatory diseases, lowered immunity, hypothermia and exhaustion, stress.

Inflammation of ovaries during pregnancy can cause:

  • chlamydia;
  • streptococcus, staphylococcus, and gonococcus;
  • mycoplasma;
  • pathogens of viral type.

inflammation of the appendages may cause the following pathological processes:

  • missed abortion;
  • absence of the embryo in the ovum;
  • miscarriage;
  • infection of the fetus;
  • premature birth.

Chronic ovarian inflammation during pregnancy may cause undesired hormonal women, impaired fetal growth and infertility.

order to get pregnant after ovarian inflammation, it is necessary to restore the functioning of the reproductive system, adjust the hormones, normalize metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

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