Treatment of inflammation during pregnancy

Since during pregnancy is rebuilt hormones of the female body, reduced immune defenses and increases the sensitivity to a variety of infections, the risk of inflammation in the body during pregnancy is high enough.Any inflammation in the body of the mother negatively affects the baby, so it's important to do the right treatment of inflammation during pregnancy.

Gum disease during pregnancy

While gum disease during pregnancy, which is called gingivitis, the gums become red, friable, bleeding while brushing your teeth, and then hurt and swell.Thus there is an unpleasant sensation and putrid smell in the mouth.

gingivitis occurs most frequently in the fifth month of pregnancy and goes to leave.But in some cases, the inflammation may become chronic.Also, when inflammation of the gums in the mouth there is a chronic infection that enters the bloodstream.

If you find yourself gingivitis, consult a doctor immediately.He will hold a hygienic cleansing and antiseptic treatment, and prescribe treatment.It is

also useful to use rinse using infusions of camomile, calendula, oak bark, sage, and a succession of applications with the use of medicinal ointments, for example, "Metrogil Dent."It should be applied twice a day on the desired area of ​​the gums, then refrain from drinking and eating for 15 minutes rinsing.

To prevent the development of gum disease during pregnancy, reduce the consumption of sugary and sticky foods regularly thoroughly clean the mouth and looks around at the dentist and take care that your food was balanced.

Treating inflammation of lymph nodes during pregnancy

Treatment of inflammation during pregnancy, especially inflammation of the lymph nodes, it is very important.Inflammation of the lymph nodes during pregnancy, also known as lymphadenitis, appears due to a variety of infectious and inflammatory processes, which are located next to the lymph node tissue.

independently treat pregnant lymphadenitis is strictly prohibited.This should deal only with the doctor after survey, determine the cause, and infectious agents and determine their sensitivity to antibiotics.Usually, antibiotics are appointed, which allowed for pregnant women.

Treatment of pneumonia in pregnancy

Pneumonia during pregnancy should be treated only in a hospital.Only a doctor should choose the antibiotics that will not harm the pregnancy.It is also necessary to immunoukreplyayuschuyu therapy, taking expectorants, vitamins and bronchodilators.Displaying excessive drinking, which will thin the mucus and remove it from the body.

Together for hospitalization can be used folk remedies in the form of inhalations and grindings from pine oil.You can also twice a day after meals hot to take a glass of unpasteurized milk boiled with two fruits dried white figs.

Treatment of inflammation of the kidneys during pregnancy

inflammation of the kidneys in pregnancy, also known as pyelonephritis, caused by a variety of microorganisms that proliferate in the presence of an infectious focus in the body and difficulty of urine flow in the urinary tract.

In pregnant women, kidney inflammation may also be caused by the growth of the uterus, which is increasing, pushes the internal organs, which are in the neighborhood.

pyelonephritis treatment in any case can not be postponed "for later".Self-medication is strictly prohibited to engage.Typically, doctors prescribe antibiotics.Their use is justified, as they are for the mother and the unborn baby is much less harmful than the disease complications.During pregnancy of antibiotics allowed oxacillin, ampicillin, methicillin, kanamycin and gentamicin.In all cases, appointed painkillers and antispasmodics, uroantiseptiki, sedatives and vitamins.

Any treatment of inflammation during pregnancy should be started in a timely manner, so that it passed with a minimum of complications.

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