Abdominal pain after an abortion and other complications

Abdominal pain after an abortion are of different origin and localization, they depend on what method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy has been applied, and how successfully passed the removal of the fetus and fetal membranes.

Abdominal pain after surgical abortion and vacuum aspiration

In traditional medical and surgical abortion, as in the mini-abortion, the most painful part of the operation - the destruction and subsequent removal of the ovum.By default, this time a woman is under the influence of anesthetics and pain feels.When the effect of anesthesia passes, most women have a sore lower abdomen after the abortion, but usually such pain are mild and of short duration.According to the results of medical research in additional analgesia for pain in the abdomen after an abortion need one out of ten women to terminate a pregnancy surgically.

Painful feelings are usually similar to those experienced by women during menstruation, sore lower abdomen after the abortion, feeling at the same time pu

lling, aching, but not strong.They are caused by a reduction to the original size of the uterus, in which a lot of sensitive nerve endings.Within a few days the pain gradually reduced and stopped, so there is no need to see a doctor.

Abdominal pain after an abortion drug

essence of medical abortion - provoking miscarriage by administering specific drugs, without surgery.Mortified fruit comes out of the uterus under the action of prostaglandins, which increase the contractile activity of the uterine smooth muscle, resulting in miscarriage becomes.Therefore, pain in the abdomen after the abortion of the medical preparations are similar to those painful feelings in natural miscarriage and resemble labor pains, sometimes very intense.Accompany such pain bleeding, but after the fertilized egg is out, then all the stops, but still misses some time after an abortion.Painkillers should be taken with caution, as antispasmodics may weaken uterine contractions and disrupt the process of aborting.

complications after abortion

Complications after medical abortions happen very often, this is due to the specifics of the intervention, after which the uterus is an open wound surface, susceptible to any infection.In this case, 90 times out of 100 infections in surgical abortion in the uterus from the vagina is recorded by women.As a result of this infection inflames the inside of the uterus (endometritis).If the stomach ache and smears after an abortion for a long time, and the smell of excreta becomes unpleasant, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately.

Other complications in which abdominal pain after abortion will be one of the symptoms:

  • gap or partial damage to the walls of the uterus, can be accompanied by damage to other organs located in the abdominal cavity;
  • Incomplete removal of membranes and fetus, interfering with uterine contractions and cause prolonged heavy bleeding;
  • incomplete healing of the wound surface;
  • Injury, Infection of the genitourinary system.

All of these complications can cause pain in the abdomen, so the woman is very important to monitor your health after abortion.It must also, at least for several months, regular check-ups at the gynecologist.

But even if all adverse symptoms have stopped in due time, after an abortion should always be two weeks later to visit a gynecologist and undergo a medical examination.

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