Vacuum abortion

vacuum abortion is the most gentle of all the surgical methods of abortion.The procedure is usually prescribed by a doctor-gynecologist of the maternity clinic.Indications for suction abortion are:

  • unsuccessful medical abortion;
  • Defects in fetal development;
  • mother Chronic disease incompatible with childbearing;
  • own personal desire of women to terminate a pregnancy.

Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum

abortion by vacuum abortion in the first trimester (from 6 to 12 weeks of pregnancy).In the opinion of the vacuum abortion is the less complications than before to make it.

vacuum abortion procedure lasts no longer than 5-10 minutes, and then for some time, the woman is in the hospital, the doctors were able to clearly see the positive in her state of health.After that the woman go home.After the vacuum area abortion damage the uterus is only 20 cubic centimeters, which is characterized by minor trauma to the uterine lining, unlike conventional curettage.

However, there is a vacuum abortion,

reviews, a significant drawback - there is no guarantee of getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy.According to statistics, the fertilized egg remains in place in about 2% of cases.

Contraindications to the vacuum abortion

have vacuum abortion there are a number of contraindications, which include:

  • women having an acute infectious disease, since there is a possibility of transferring infection in the uterus, which is fraught with seriouscomplications in the future;
  • Ectopic pregnancy as a contraindication to abortion vacuum.In this pathology fertilized egg is outside the uterus, so abortion by vacuum could threaten the patient's life;
  • doctors do not recommend the vacuum abortion earlier than year and a half after the birth;
  • bad blood clotting.

Soreness vacuum abortion

This question is natural for all women who decided to terminate the pregnancy in this way.

operation is performed under local anesthesia, so the procedure does not cause pain.However, during the opening of the cervix woman may feel some discomfort.

But after vacuum woman abortion may bother dragging pain in the abdomen, as, whatever you say, vacuum abortion is also a surgery.However, severe pain in the norm should not be.

How is the vacuum abortion

main instrument is the electric vacuum pump for the procedure to help remove the contents of the uterus.With this tool, in the uterus creates a negative pressure, which leads to the fact that the ovum is detached from the uterine wall, and sucked out.

When vacuum abortion uterine vessels are not injured, and the lack of a variety of metal extender allows you to leave in the neck of integrity.Therefore, the risk of infertility in the future from such abortion is minimal.

Samu procedure for vacuum abortion can be divided into three stages:

  • Preparatory;
  • immediate operation itself;
  • After vacuum abortion.

During the preparatory phase the woman consults a gynecologist determined gestational age, appointed the following tests:

  • general urine and blood;
  • swab on the vaginal microflora;
  • analysis to determine the HCG hormone;
  • Ultrasonography;
  • analysis on blood coagulation;
  • analysis to detect diseases of the sexual sphere;
  • analysis for hepatitis and HIV, RW.

After all the preparations begin immediately vacuum abortion.It is held in a specialized medical facility, and a few hours later the woman go home.

During the procedure the woman sits in the gynecological chair, her feet are fixed as in normal inspection.The internal walls of the vagina and entrance to compulsory process antiseptic.

If a woman has not given birth, then it will need to expand the cervix using a special metal expander that is inserted into the vagina.For women giving birth is not required.Thereafter

cervix local anesthetic is administered, then introduced into the uterus of the rigid tube, and then using electric pumps necessary pressure is created inside (0.5 atmospheres).

Then with the help of a solid tube doctor sucks fertilized egg, which is the tube pulled into a special container.Since there is a removal of the uterus tissue, many women feel contractions during vacuum abortion.Cramps terminated only after the tube is removed from the vagina.Some patients at the time of vacuum abortion also experience weakness, nausea or sweating.

The operation takes an average of five minutes.After vacuum abortion a woman needs a little rest within the hospital.

vacation home woman home to her doctor prescribes a course of antibiotics to avoid infection, as well as taking pain medications, if a woman will disturb strong cramping.

Two weeks after the vacuum abortion, a woman must come to be examined by a gynecologist, pass tests and make the ultrasound.

sexual life after vacuum abortion

Until complete healing of the uterus (within 2-3 weeks) after vacuum abortion can not engage in sex.The first six weeks after the abortion is necessary to use condoms to protect against new infections and unwanted pregnancy.

If a woman after an abortion does a pregnancy test, and it shows a positive result, it means that the abortion was unsuccessful, therefore the pregnancy was ectopic, or preserved.

That is why it is imperative two weeks after the abortion to see a doctor.

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