Umbilical Bandage Baby

One of the most frequent pathologies in newborns and infants is an umbilical hernia.In most cases, it is prone to self-closing.This usually occurs until the baby is three years old.

Our grandmothers were treated with umbilical hernia the navel by applying a copper penny, mom, we sealed the navel plaster.And now in pharmacies appeared umbilical bandages for newborns.How effective is this new facility?Let's talk about this.

Umbilical bandages for newborns: a tribute to fashion or necessity?

Today everyone knows that the special bandages are used for the prevention of and treatment of hernias - bandages.And how effective bandage with umbilical hernia newborn?What it is?And how to use it?

navel bandage baby is a soft elastic belt having a small pillow - hernia limiter.The materials from which it is made, have anti-allergic properties, easy to wash, wear-resistant.

Such tires provide a soft compression (pressure) in the area of ​​herniation and prevent the development of a hernia, also contribute to the

early closure of the umbilical ring, and also prevent the emergence of prejudice.

Ties newborns can be used only after complete healing of the umbilical wound.

These manufacturers claim bandages.But many doctors do not agree with them and believe that wearing the brace during umbilical hernia is absolutely not necessary.

They attribute this to the following points:

  • Umbilical hernias in infants, even of large size are almost never infringed upon;
  • As the child grows and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen hernia closes automatically;
  • In most cases, hernial protrusion at the navel does not bother the baby and is more a cosmetic defect, rather than the disease;
  • Instead umbilical bandage for newborns often better to spread your baby on his stomach to make him a massage and deal with it physical therapy.This will not only strengthen the abdominal muscles, but the whole muscular system, would be beneficial for the overall development of the child.

navel bandage Baby: reviews

On the Internet you can find many reviews on the use of the bandage when umbilical hernia infants.Most moms complain that orthopedic products.They say that because of the rather large belly bulge in young infants bandage constantly slips from the navel and almost no its therapeutic or prophylactic functions.In addition, it is poorly breathable, and the skin underneath is often irritated and becomes wet.

This product unhappy and many pediatricians.In their reviews umbilical bandage baby has no effect on the early closure of the umbilical ring.As practice shows, umbilical hernia closes quickly in children undergoing massage and physical therapy, which often spread on the stomach than in those who wear umbilical bandages.

Should I use the umbilical bandage or not?It's up to you!But first is to consult with a pediatric surgeon!

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