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Cramps at night - causes, treatment , prevention

sudden appearance of "unplanned" muscle contraction is due to calcium channel operation fails.To reduce the needed muscle sodium cations, potassium and magnesium.Each of them plays a role.

  • Sodium - provides a resting potential;
  • Potassium - stimulates cell excitation;
  • Magnesium - changes during the reduction of the lag phase.

directly involved in the process of calcium ions, which are essential not only to contraction of the muscles, but also the vital activity of the organism.During wakefulness calcium cations are used to working muscles during sleep, normally they are deposited in the custody of bone tissue.

When muscular apparatus work heightened tension cramps occur at night, especially in the legs.Initially, in the legs, then the whole leg.If a person works more hands - fingers numb, tingling sensation in the hands, and then there are spastic contractions.Thus formed contracture - persistent muscle contractions that violate function: writer's cramp, the hand of the obstetrician.

cramps at night, causes

When violations of electrolyte metabolism seizures occur at night for several reasons:

  • Muscle fatigue;
  • Violation of water balance - swelling or a state of dehydration;
  • Flatfoot;
  • Sedentary work or other labor activities associated with prolonged standing on his feet (salesmen, teachers, surgeons).

Usually, cramps occur at night in older people.This is due to age-related anatomical and physiological characteristics.

Under certain diseases also appear cramps at night, the causes of which are rooted in violations of electrolyte metabolism:

  • diabetes and diabetes insipidus;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • hypoglycemia regardless of the cause: the disease or starvation elementary.

In diabetes, urine lost electrolytes that provide muscle relaxation.

Disorders of the thyroid gland leads to a decrease of calcium concentration, or, conversely, increased sensitivity of muscle cells.That is, convulsions appear as night at reduced, and in increased activity of the thyroid gland.

Medications causing cramps at night

Indirectly the appearance of cramps at night affect the disease, which have no relation to the mechanisms of muscle contraction.This is because the reception drugs prescribed to reduce blood pressure and improve the cardiovascular system.Many pills contain diuretics decompression components, which the mechanism of action involves the loss of potassium in the urine.With a lack of potassium peace-building phase it is unsecured, even with normal magnesium cations.It turns out: magnesium "sends" the calcium in the cell repository, and for sodium ion channel is closed.Muscle spasm continues, there are cramps at night, mainly in the morning for exhaustion of adaptation mechanisms.

only diuretic that preserves potassium is veroshpiron - analogue of vasopressin, a hormone of the anterior pituitary.All other funds are at the level of the renal tubules, blocking receptors responsible for the absorption of potassium from the primary urine.

Additionally, some drugs have a selective effect on specific receptors, which are located in the receptacles, and in the nervous and muscular tissue.Some patients who take alpha-blockers are indicated by the type of night cramps, restless legs syndrome.This is a manifestation of seizure activity calf muscles.

cramps at night, the risk factors

most susceptible to the appearance of having the following predisposing factors of seizures at night people:

  • Heredity;
  • Profession associated with muscle overexertion;
  • Congenital deformities of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Addiction;
  • Pregnancy.

Hereditary predisposition is detected in the majority of cases, since it is related to the individual characteristics of the electrolyte metabolism and excitability of the central nervous system.

Professional activities leading to strain on certain muscle groups, often provokes cramps at night due to fatigue at the cellular level.Energy for the potassium-sodium channels is not enough, since almost all energy resources have been spent during the day (day).

Congenital malformations of the musculoskeletal system lead to an increase in energy expenditure during the day, so the cramps at night for these people - quite frequent manifestation of fatigue.

When alcoholism there is a direct toxic effect on the liver cells, which damage entails electrolyte imbalance.leaching of phosphorus from the results in increased neuronal excitability.Therefore, there are cramps at night in patients suffering from alcoholism.

Drug abuse also leads to the destruction of the liver, but it is ten times faster than alcohol.With the same velocity the nerve fibers are destroyed, causing the neurons are "bare".They react to any external influence.So there are cramps at night, and not only in a state of withdrawal.

When pregnancy of venous walls washed calcium cations required for the development of the fetus.Therefore cramps at night and even during the day when there are only able to vitamin deficiency and inadequate calcium intake from food.

Cramps body

night Spasmodic contraction of certain muscle groups may occur in completely healthy people, but most of the body cramps at night are a sign of nervous system diseases.When such symptoms as violent grimacing, twitching eyelids, legs, raising his hands in a dream - it is necessary to address to the neuropathologist.Primarily, it is important to exclude epilepsy, which can not only lead to a single muscle movements, but also to somnambulism.

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