12 August

Co what age can shave your legs

Puberty is accompanied by an increase in hormones (androgens), which affect the growth of dark hair on the legs, underarms and pubic area.If a teenager does not know at what age can shave your legs, you usually shave starts at this time.It is advisable, before the first time to shave their legs, to speak with the mother or any other woman, which have developed a relationship of trust, to learn more about how to carry out this procedure safely and correctly.

specific figures to what age can shave your legs does not exist.This process is individual and depends on the wishes and preferences of a teenager.

What tools are best used for shaving

To start the procedure, you first need to pick up a razor and cosmetic remedies that suit your skin type and will be safe, effective and easy to use.

On the shelves of cosmetics stores manufacturers offer two types of razors: Electric razors and (disposable and reusable).Electric shavers can work on batteries or connected directly to the mains via a cord.They are

very easy to use, however, does not always produce a better result than the use of razors.Some electric shavers are designed specifically for teenage girls, also offers special depilatories used with special moisturizers.

Disposable razor blade may have multiple, stacked one on top of another, and the larger the number of blades, the better the result will be the procedure.Machines are better to use special creams, gels or shaving foam.They help lubricate the skin and reduce the risk of scratches or razor cuts.Some of them are also well moisturize the skin to help keep it from drying out.It is best to avoid the use of creams or gels that contain alcohol, as they can irritate the skin.shaving foam acts as a buffer on the skin, so the more the foam applied, the less chance of injury.Also, you can lather your skin piecewise or liquid soap to help the razor glide without causing cuts, damaging the top layer of the epithelium.

There are other ways and means of hair removal from the legs: waxing, hair removal using an electric epilator, epilators, special creams that remove hair without the use of a razor.

How to shave your legs

So, Decide to what age can shave your legs, and with the means that the teenager will still use, it is also necessary to know a few rules of safe conduct of the procedure, andnamely:

  • procedure is best done when taking a warm bath or shower as cleansing, moisturizing and skin softened water more easily and carefully shave without the cuts;
  • Use a large amount of shaving cream, foam or soap, which makes the process safer;
  • Shaving legs must be in the direction of hair growth as well as holding shaving against the hair growth treatments safe with no experience, but more efficiently.After several treatments and getting some experience, you can start shaving my legs against the hair growth safely cut the skin;
  • It is important not to rush and shave your legs slowly and gently push without power, allowing the blades slowly do its job;
  • When using multiple types of machines need to frequently change the blade on the new, as a blunt blade can damage your skin, causing rashes and skin infections;
  • Especially carefully it is necessary to shave the hair in the knee and ankle areas, due to the convex shape of which these places are cut more often;
  • When applying the cuts necessary to treat them with antiseptic and styptic;
  • After the procedure to wash the skin with soap and water and then rub lotion after shaving or moisturizing cream that will help to keep it from drying out.

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