12 August

Bran - Dietary Food

Despite the low cost, bran have enormous benefits for human health.Our ancestors discovered the beneficial properties of bran and actively adds them to your diet.What is the bran and what is their use?

We routinely used in a variety of food cereals: rye, wheat, oats.They take an integral part in our diet in pure or modified form.But only a few know about their benefits.

bran are the product of flour production and processing consist of solid grain shell.They concentrated high content of fiber, B vitamins and various trace elements.

What is the use of bran?

tell about the many beneficial properties of bran can be many:

  • Bran normalize the gastrointestinal tract, and are also useful for the prevention of dysbiosis;
  • Eating bran helps cleanse the body and prevent constipation;
  • Application bran on a regular basis leads to a decrease in appetite and weight stabilization;
  • Included in the bran minerals: potassium, chromium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium - normalize blood sugar levels and reducing c

great strength of fiber

Fiber (fiber) is extremely important in human nutrition.That it is a breeding ground for the normal intestinal microflora, ensuring optimum digestive, immune, cardiovascular and hormonal systems.Dietary fiber entering the intestine, are not digested and absorbed, and absorb a variety of toxins and heavy metals.At the same time it forms a soft mass that fills the intestine and moves to the exit, along the way taking with him all the unnecessary and harmful.Through this body and cleaned intestines.The constant use of fiber results in full digestion.Scientific evidence shows that the introduction of the diet fiber helps rid the body of toxins and 30% of dangerous fat without giving them deposited on the walls of the intestine.

Use slimming

bran are very useful for people sitting on a diet, they help to reduce weight.Because in addition to the cleaning effect, even bran helps to satisfy hunger and reduce the amount of food eaten, and at the same time and calorie content.This is achieved thanks to the fact that, getting into the stomach, they attract fluid, swell and thus fill it with volume and suppress hunger, but do not supply the body with extra calories.Because of this, the bran part of many diets designed to reduce weight and stabilization.

Admission Rules

bran bran is necessary to introduce into the diet gradually, starting with 10-15 grams.(2-3 tbsp. Tablespoons) and bring the number up to 50-60 grams.(12-15 tablespoons.) Per day for 1.5 - 3 weeks.Be sure to drink together with bran 1-2 glasses of water.Bran can be added, as in ready-made meals soups, cereals, and drink as a breakfast or snack.To do this, they must pour yogurt, milk or yogurt.

very important to keep the water-salt balance in the use of bran.It should be a day to drink at least 2 liters of clean drinking water.Since bran absorb a lot of liquid from the body, and it needs to be replenished.

It is worth remembering that the excessive consumption of bran may cause flatulence, upset bowels, so clearly follow the application guidelines.

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