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Sore ear - Symptoms , Causes and Treatment

In response to the question of what to do when an ear ache, you can get a lot of a variety of tips.From advice to keep my ears warm, take plenty of warm drinks, prior to instillation into the ear canal propolis tincture or warm decoction of chamomile.In folk medicine, the course is all of clove oil to the crushed garlic.In fact, the pain may be mechanical, traumatic, infectious nature or even be a symptom of diseases not related to the upper respiratory tract.

So before you follow the advice, you should consult an audiologist who will determine why the sore ear, and how to treat a specific disease.

ear hurts - causes

There are two types of pain - local and radiating.Local felt directly in the area of ​​the affected organ, that is in this case in the ear.Such pain impulse can occur for the following reasons:

  • Pathological processes in the outer channel (pimples, mechanical irritation, infection, blockage and inflammation of the organ of hearing due to an excess of sulfur);
  • rupture of the tympanic
  • Pathological processes in the inner ear (hypothermia, infectious diseases, the pressure difference between the inner and outer ear);
  • Shock to the organ of hearing.

radiating or reflected - the pain comes from the body distant from the pathological focus.In this case, when a sore ear, the reason should be sought in adjacent organs.Radiating pain impulses can occur for the following reasons:

  • Sinusitis;
  • Mumps;
  • infection of the paranasal sinuses;
  • Sore throat, teeth;
  • malocclusion;
  • Arthritis maxillo-temporal joint.

When sore ear, can be observed both local and radiating pulse.There are a number of the most common factors that cause the disease, and appropriate methods for their treatment.

earache due to cerumen

Earwax serves several functions - it prints out foreign particles, bacteria and fungi delay creates a moist environment for ear drum.Sulfur slowly released during chewing, coughing, talking.But when the self-regulation process is disrupted, a so-called cerumen impaction, due to which and ear aches.Discomfort occurs when sulfur wort reaches the eardrum.

Due to the fact that the tube presses on the vagus nerve is observed dizziness, headache, vomiting, cough.When congestion is sealed, in addition to being a sore ear, the patient feels stuffy, hearing the noise, the distortion of his voice and external sounds.

To remove the jam using methods such as flushing a syringe Jeanne, electric pump, the introduction of drugs, softening and removing sulfuric cork.At home, when it hurts the ear drops for ear canal hygiene often help correct the situation.Before their choice is to consult with an otolaryngologist.

hurts the ear due to infection

Authority hearing conditionally divided into outer, middle and inner ear.For infections of the external ear canal include otitis externa, which is also called "swimmer's ear", as he often develops after water ingress.However, in order to bring an infection, rather unsuccessfully to clean the ears with a cotton wick.If the sore ear and the temperature rises, and the skin of the outer ear canal seen a rash, it is most likely associated with infection.Furthermore, can cause discomfort located on the exterior of the auditory meatus boils.

middle ear infection is called otitis media.She is most susceptible infants and children up to 6 years.This is due to the shape evsstahievoy pipe which children wider and shorter than adults.Because of this, in the cavity of the middle ear in a child often gets the mucus from the nose and throat, and even in infants with regurgitation of food or stomach contents.

If the reason that hurts the ear - otitis media, the discomfort will be amplified when chewing, swallowing and trying to blow his nose, because in these states in the area of ​​the auditory organ pressure rises.Because of this disease, may develop diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, weakness, lethargy, loss of appetite, noise and ringing in the ears.And, of course, there are two classic symptoms - sore ear and the temperature rises.In severe cases of otitis media can cause rupture of the eardrum and deafness.

Inflammation of the inner ear, or viral labyrinthitis, manifested as dizziness and tinnitus.Bacterial inflammation of the ear ache, and the temperature is increased, dizzy, my eyes involuntarily move quickly and can pus out of the ear canal.

In the case of inflammation of the outer ear to the patient appointed antipyretic and analgesic drugs.Medical care is cleansing the auditory meatus of pus and instillation of medication.When infectious pathologies that hurts the ear drops should contain antibiotics and cortisone.

When otitis media also appointed painkillers and anti-inflammatories.But the specific treatment includes restoration of patency of the Eustachian tubes.So when a sore ear drops instilled into the nose - a drug to reduce the swelling.Antibiotics also are assigned.

When inflammation of the inner ear treatment is a course of antibiotics and removal of pus which sometimes requires surgery.


The eardrum is a thin membrane that separates the outer and middle ear and transmits air vibrations to the auditory ossicles.Therefore, hearing deteriorates when damaged eardrum.

When ear pain due to an injury above the membrane, there is a sharp pain, appear purulent, bloody or clear discharge, tinnitus, vertigo and hearing are reduced up to his loss.If a sore ear, how to treat it in such a case?As first aid is recommended to close the ear canal wad of sterile cotton and bandage.Moreover, if the sore ear drops or other drugs into the ear canal can not be entered.The patient is an urgent need to send to the ENT doctor in severe cases, surgery (tympanoplasty) will need to restore hearing.

Pain in the ear when swallowing

when unpleasant sensations arise in the ear when swallowing, ENT doctor first thing suspected acute otitis media.However, if the symptoms do not confirm it, the reason may be hiding in the diseases of the adjacent organs.For example, in the ear pain when swallowing - symptom larynx and oral cavity tumors, in this case concerned discomfort over time and is accompanied by fatigue, apathy, loss of weight, enlarged lymph nodes.

Pain in the ear when swallowing can also indicate a pig, especially if the patient has swelling around the ear, fever and malaise like the flu.Also, pain occurs with pharyngitis, tonsillitis and abscess of the neck, and are radiating character.

self-medication in any case dangerous, and the necessary medication and procedures can only assign an ENT doctor.

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