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Aching sacrum - Causes and Treatment

Causes pain in the sacrum are varied and can be divided into the following groups:

  • Injury;
  • Defects and Developmental abnormalities of the spine;
  • Infectious Diseases;
  • Dysfunction of the reproductive system;
  • tumors.

hieralgia most often seen at sharp movements or weight lifting.

Injuries in which the sacrum hurts

Pain in the sacrum due to injury are accompanied by spasm sacrovertebral muscles, as well as edema, nausea and headache.In severe fracture of the sacrum there is bleeding and skin exfoliation.The pain spreads to the lumbar and groin.Fracture or dislocation can be obtained if dropped or bumped on the lumbar spine, and the most damaged by the superior articular process.In addition, the displacement of the sacrum and the dislocation can occur in late pregnancy or in childbirth.

If sacrum hurts because of problems in the sacroiliac joint, then on each side there are various signs of damage.The shift in the right sacroiliac joint leads to disruption of blood circulation in his right leg.B

ecause of this, pain and cramps in the muscles of the stomach may be in breach of the work, the liver and the intestine.Damage to the pelvic bones to the left causes the susceptibility to colds, constipation and frequent disturbances in the lungs and heart.

Treatment of Pain in the sacrum as a result of injuries depends on their complexity.Usually assigned bed rest for 2-8 weeks.Anesthesia is performed using drugs.If the sacrum hurts even after novocaine blockade, then removed the distal fragment with the coccyx.Surgical intervention is also required in the case of internal bleeding and unstable fractures.After fusion of the bones and the abolition of bed rest appointed massage, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise for the gradual resumption of physical activity of man.Sitting after the fracture is allowed only after two months.

injury may be accompanied by the addition of infections, such as tuberculosis pathogens, pyogenic bacteria and other pathogenic organisms.When infectious diseases sacrum hurts constantly, even during the holidays.The nature of the pain and its intensity may vary depending on the type of lesion.Often the ulcers formed in the coccyx area.

Which diseases spine pain sacrum

most frequently sacrum hurts due to the development of degenerative disc disease of the sacral spine.But isolated sacral osteochondrosis practically does not occur.It generally occurs in degenerative changes in the lumbar, which later extended to the sacrum.This process is accompanied by lumbar ischialgia in which the blood supply to the legs is broken and reduces its sensitivity.

When lumbosacral osteochondrosis character aching pain in the sacrum, drawing, sometimes burning.Some relief of pain occurs when standing or lying down, whereas physical activity, coughing or sitting on a hard surface aggravate it.Pain along the sciatic nerve combined with dysfunction of the bladder, genitals and rectum.

Sacrum also hurts in some relatively rare pathologies of the spine, such as:

  • Spondylolisthesis;
  • cleft vertebral arch;
  • Lyumbalizatsiya;
  • Sacralization.

When spondylolisthesis sacrum pain as a result of the displacement of the fifth lumbar vertebra forward to the first sacral.As a result, there is a narrowing of the spinal canal and pinching nerves.Most often it manifests pain when walking or standing, since in these positions decreases the size of the intervertebral openings through which the nerve roots exit.

cleft arc lumbar and sacral vertebrae is the cause of pain in the sacrum at a deviation of the trunk back and other movements, as there is incomplete closure of the spinal canal.This pathology can lead to early development of osteoarthritis and scoliosis.

Lyumbalizatsiya - is the formation of additional lumbar vertebra, which becomes the first sacral vertebra, lost contact with the sacrum.The risk of scoliosis spinal deformity occurs when one of the transverse processes grows larger than the other.

Sacralization - it is the opposite process, which reduces the number of vertebrae in the lumbosacral region due to their fusion.The sacrum hurts only when the movable type of joint vertebrae.

Treatment degenerative disc disease and other abnormalities of the spine can be carried out in a conservative manner.However, despite the existence of a set of effective techniques, the majority of patients in need of surgical treatment.

hieralgia in disorders of the reproductive system in women

pain in the sacrum can be caused by a number of gynecological pathologies:

  • External endometriosis;
  • Rear parameters;
  • uterine cancer;
  • uterine retroversion;
  • Relaxation uterosacral ligaments;
  • Inflammation of the appendages of the ovary;
  • varicose veins.

In all these cases, the pain in the sacrum women aggravated by movement and physical activity, as well as during menstruation.

hieralgia during pregnancy can occur for the following reasons:

  • For large size of the abdomen shifts the center of gravity, so women often deflect back at the waist.This deflection eventually causes pain in the sacral spine;
  • when using fetal position in the back of the head occipital constantly growing baby presses on the sacrum and the pelvis;
  • If you change the position of the fetus hieralgia due to increased voltage of the lumbosacral spine muscles.

Men aching pain in the sacrum accompanied flow of chronic prostatitis.Pain rarely is localized only in the lumbosacral region or in the testes.Basically, it goes into the suprapubic area, rectum and vulva.This is due to the spread of inflammation in the testes.

Treatment for pain in the sacrum caused by violations listed must be carried out at the appropriate experts, after a thorough diagnosis of the disease.

When sore pelvis for tumors of the sacrum

often hurts when tumors develop symptoms, does not manifesting itself.It was only in the later stages, when metastases are formed, in the sacrum appear constant aching pain.The initial localization of the tumor at the same time almost does not matter, as the sacrum affected lymphoma or multiple myeloma, and metastatic renal cancer, lung, stomach and other organs.

In the case of cervical cancer occurs tension of the uterosacral ligaments.Pain can be expressed as one side of the sacrum, and in its center.

When prostate cancer sacrum hurts when the metastases get to the bottom of the spine.Selection

method of treating pain in sacrum induced neoplasm, is dependent on the type of tumor and the degree of its development.This may be surgery, chemotherapy or radiation method.

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