12 August

The adenoids in children : causes, symptoms, treatment

adenoids - a growth of nasopharyngeal tonsils, and tonsil inflammation is called adenoids.

Causes adenoids

most common cause of the adenoids - frequent colds.Additionally adenoids may occur due to viral infections or even if a genetic predisposition.

Peak diseases account for three years, and this is understandable - at that age first home children start attending kindergartens, clubs, clubs, swimming pools.This means that they meet with a variety of infections that did not exist under the previous way of life.

Accordingly, the tonsils begin to work in emergency mode, trying to cope with viruses and bacteria, and, ultimately, themselves become a source of infection.

Symptoms appearance adenoids

The main feature of the appearance of the adenoids - a shortness of nasal breathing.If your child is breathing mouth and snoring during sleep, you need to be sure to pay close attention to this and take him to the doctor.Difficulty in nasal breathing - severe symptom, the more that can happen apnea attack

, ie, cessation of breathing.

Children with the advent of the adenoids become lethargic and drowsy, they appear irritability, attention is scattered, reduced memory and learning ability.

Accumulation of inflammatory nasopharyngeal secretions lead to chronic rhinitis.At the same time, the ear and the voice of the child is reduced, there is a twang.In addition, accumulated in the tonsils infection can cause otitis media.

The nasopharynx is accumulated inflammatory secret that eventually leads to a chronic cold.Voice kid

How is the diagnosis of adenoids?

To diagnose the occurrence of the adenoids, you must undergo a medical examination - X-ray and endoscopy nasopharynx.Endoscopy nasopharyngeal mucosa show themselves adenoids and inflammatory processes.X-rays will help determine the size of the adenoids and their increase.

How to treat adenoids?

to treat adenoids, there are two methods: the conservative and operative treatment.If the amygdala is not too enlarged and inflamed, moreover, there are no complications in the baby's nose and ears, is chosen conservative treatment, which includes: nasal breathing exercises, washing tonsils, laser therapy, as well as taking steps to improve immunity.

lavage performed tonsils ENT doctor.For this purpose, solutions of chamomile, eucalyptus, propolis.This process helps to clean the tonsils of bacteria and mucus.

Laser therapy is performed in the clinic certain courses that should be repeated annually until full recovery.

As for increase of immunity, it is necessary to inflammation of the tonsils do not recur.Drugs for increase of immunity prescribed by the physician.

As for breathing exercises, simple exercises that will train a doctor, parent task - to make these exercises regularly, as they help to improve the child's nasal breathing.

If conservative treatment fails, the physician decides to remove tonsils.The operation is performed under local anesthesia.

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