12 August

Pinworms in children and adults

Pinworms - small worms-nematodes white - the main culprits enterobiosis occurrence of one of the most common parasitic diseases.Worm infestation - is not only unpleasant symptoms, but serious complications in the absence of treatment and good hygiene.

"Pinworms -.. Variety of helminths causing parasitic infectious disease Enterobiasis infection sources, the characteristic symptoms, methods of treatment"

sources of infection enterobiasis

Enterobiasis safely be called "disease of dirty hands".Pinworms in children, especially attending preschool institutions, more frequent than in adults.

Ways of infection: household, oral, pin.

Once in the intestine, pinworms cause severe perianal itching, harassing sick mostly at night.Combing the skin, helps people hit worms eggs under the nails, on the underwear, and later on processed foods and items of everyday use.

Symptoms that should alert

settle in the intestine, pinworm in adults and children cause similar symptoms, depending on the form of the disea


For the acute form is characterized by: abdominal pain;morning discomfort in the gut;nausea;mushy stool - frequency up to 4 times a day.

first three symptoms are accompanied by sharp enterobiosis for about a week.Normalize chair manages only after getting rid of parasites.

About chronic stage of the disease shows perianal itching, appearing at intervals of 3-4 weeks and lasts for 3-4 days.This suggests that the parasites are in the body of the full life cycle from egg laying in the perianal folds to a new generation of development.

Frequent reinfection or running for disease may manifest symptoms of neurological, namely nocturia (nighttime urination);intestinal cramps;flatulence;allergic reactions of different nature;headache or dizziness;restless sleep, and his absence;decreased attention and memory impairment;general fatigue and irritability.

enterobiosis result can be disturbances of mental development of children, attacks of appendicitis, the development of proctitis and inflammation of the external genitalia in girls and women.

How to diagnose?

Diagnosis is based on laboratory parasitological studies (perianal scrape the detection of worms eggs).Clinical analysis of blood shows a slight increase in leukocytes and eosinophils swing.Sometimes after defecation diagnosis can be made by yourself, finding pinworms in the feces.

Ways to solve the problem


classical treatment of broad-spectrum drugs: Vermoxum, piperazine, Kombantrin.

"All drugs are appointed only by a physician with precisely established diagnosis -. Upon detection of pinworms in the stool"

Existing drugs eliminate predominantly adult helminths, so after a certain length of time required to re-administration of drugs.

Folk remedies

Enema (children can do) - 10 cloves of garlic to clean, thoroughly knead and dilute with water (1/3 liter).

Infusion herbal - a mixture of wormwood and centaury (25 g).Preparation - 1 tbsp.l.collection pour a glass of boiling water.The scheme of treatment - 8 days 200 ml infusion every twelve hours (breakfast and dinner).

all contact with sick enterobiasis undergo examination and positive test results are simultaneously treated.

achieve success in solving this problem will help not only the combined efforts of doctors and traditional medicine, but also timely taken preventive measures to avoid repeated infections.

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