12 August

How to prepare an ointment from joint pain at home

compresses, ointments, medicinal baths are very effective for joint pains, and to carry out these procedures, it is not necessary to rush to the pharmacy - an ointment it is possible to prepare yourself at home.

Recipes home from joint pain ointments

• Take 6 pieces of bay leaf and 1 part of juniper needles, carefully grind, add 12 parts of natural butter.All mix well.

ointment to rub into the sore spots 2-3 times a day.

• One tablespoon of crushed leaves of hop mash with one tablespoon of fresh butter.

ointment to rub into the sore spots 2-3 times a day.

• Two tablespoons of sweet clover herb pour a cup of boiling water and cook, proc volume of broth is reduced by half.Then add four tablespoons of butter or petroleum jelly.

ointment to rub into the sore spots 2-3 times a day.

• 50g of camphor, the same mustard powder, rubbing alcohol and raw egg protein should be thoroughly mixed.

• A quarter cup vegetable oil, 50 ml of kerosene, a quarter piece of soap, and one teaspoon of baking soda to gri

nd until smooth and infuse for three days.

resulting ointment rubbed into the sore spots.

• ointment from medicinal plants for applications prepared as follows: mix equal proportions of grass clover, hops and St. John's wort.Two tablespoons of this mixture, chop, add 50g of petroleum jelly and carefully rub.

Traditional recipes with joint pain

• visibly reduce pain in diseases of the joints will help warm herbal pads.For their preparation you need to mix the grass clover, elderberry, hop mix.With a small amount of water and heat.Hot herbal mixture fill linen bags and apply to aching joints.Duration of treatment - 15-20 mine.Full course - 10-15 days.

• Remove the pain will help the following procedure: Lubricate the sore spot of honey and apply on 2.2,5 hours yellow card.Then rinse with warm water and wrap a warm scarf.

• From joint pain helps birch poultice.Mash fresh birch leaves, apply to the affected area, wrap a dry cotton cloth and leave for a day.

• You can make apple compress: rub grated apples, put on gauze, pribintuyte to the affected area and wrap a warm scarf.Making such packs should be within 3 months every day.

• Good relieve joint pain aloe-honey baths.Mix 50 g of aloe juice, 150 ml of vodka and 100 g of honey.Make a poultice a day at night for a month.

• You can make a compress of lime blossom: collect linden flowers, chop the blender and pour a small amount of boiling water.The resulting mush apply to the affected area and cover with a linen napkin.

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