12 August

Nosebleeds : Causes , first aid

is hardly a man who never in his life faced with epistaxis.This phenomenon occurs in people of all ages, the blood from the nose can keep both adults and children, and for entirely different reasons.However, occasionally someone suffering from it the unpleasant phenomenon, and someone has to constantly get rid of blood stains on the clothes, and take measures to eliminate the bleeding.

In order to reduce the risk of epistaxis and prevent such trouble, you need to know about the most common causes of epistaxis and effective way to stop the bleeding quickly and painlessly.

Causes of epistaxis

As mentioned previously, there are several reasons that can go a nosebleed.Most often this phenomenon faced by people with fragile vessels.The thing is that the nasal mucosa is very thin, and the vessels in this place are very close to the surface and damage them will have no difficulty, so even one careless movement can cause bleeding.

To strengthen the blood vessels are advised to regularly and in sufficient q

uantity to take Vitamin C is responsible for the production of collagen and helps to maintain the elasticity of tissues.

Another reason for nosebleeds - is high blood pressure.That it may cause damage to the capillaries and blood vessels located in the nose.People with high blood pressure often enough face with bleeding from the nose, which can occur when pressure drops, caused by increased blood flow, or even weather changes.

To avoid nasal bleeding, should pay due attention to their pressure.The best option would be to diet, refusal of food and drinks that increase blood pressure, and receiving medication, normalizing it.

Even if you have never had a problem with the pressure of your blood vessels, and is in excellent condition, spontaneous nosebleeds may cause dryness of the nasal mucosa.The most likely bleeding becomes in the cold season, when the indoor air is too dry air conditioning and central heating, which adversely affects the mucous state.

prevent dryness in the nose, you can with the help of a humidifier and regularly ventilate the room.

First aid for nosebleeds

If still not managed to avoid bleeding from the nose, at the first manifestation of his need to provide first aid and to stop the bleeding.It must be done as quickly as possible, using the most effective techniques, quickly and without the effects of unwanted bleeding stops.

first thing you should do is find a nosebleed, it is good to blow his nose.This must be done, despite the fact that the blood from the nose does not cease to flow.The fact that in the process in the nose bleeding clots may form, which hinder the healing of damaged blood vessels, their sticking to the walls and not allowing air to get to the surface of tissue and start the regeneration process.Only then you can proceed with the following procedures.

next step - is to use a tampon.In the nostril, from which there is blood, you must insert a swab of cotton wool or bandage.It must be clean and dipped in a special liquid, stop the bleeding, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

If bleeding is severe, such as liquid hand was not, you can replace it with ordinary table vinegar solution (diluted with water), soaked tampon in it.The solution should not be concentrated, so as not to burn the sensitive mucous membranes.This will damage quickly drag and significantly speed up the process of blood stopped.

can also resort to using traditional methods and make a kind of a tray for the nose.To do this, you will need to water and freshly squeezed lemon juice.Pull the nose of a small amount of the resulting solution and close the nostrils for a few seconds with your fingers, and then release the remains liquid.

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