Breast cancer : national treatment

breast cancers, or breast cancer , can win only comprehensive treatment under the supervision of a specialist. The use of folk remedies at home requires caution and consent of the attending physician.

Recipes can accelerate self-healing only in the complete absence of individual contraindications.

"Remember that the diagnosis" breast cancer "requires you to maximize responsible approach to their health, otherwise the disease can lead to death."

Traditional methods of treating breast cancer

Method 1. Potatoes

potatoes necessary to dry flowers,putting them in a dark place (not in the sun!).Then prepare one infusion:. 1 teaspoon of flowers per 500 ml of boiling water.infusion time (preferably in a thermos) takes about three to four hours.Rule reception: 100 ml three times a day on an empty stomach (30 minutes before eating).The course lasts three weeks.

Method 2. Oats

Treatment is carried oat compresses.To prepare compress taken neobodranny oats.It should boil for a while.Softening the grass

wrapped in gauze.Compress apply to the tumor site, top - woolen shawl, and then - wrap oneself with cling film (plastic wrap).Hold compress a couple hours (overnight).

Method 3: Birch mushroom

birch mushroom (he still bears the name "Chaga") grate, pour boiling water in a ratio of 1: 5, leave to infuse for two days.Ready infusion of strain and take one glass three times a day for 30 minutes before eating.Please note that the infusion should be stored in the refrigerator and no more than four days.

Method 4: Cabbage

In folk medicine, use the cabbage of late varieties.Fans of self-medication are wary of those vegetables that are sold in stores.Their concern is the frequent use of nitrates and pesticides by unscrupulous manufacturers.By this warning should be heeded, and acquire cabbage for treatment only if you believe in the purity of its composition.

For the treatment of white cabbage fit her sheets and juice.Cabbage leaves are applied to the patient chest.Preliminary list should be "riddled" with a knife, so he gave the juice.You may need several sheets.In any case, their number is difficult to go too far.On top of the sheet is applied a thick woolen cloth or towel (the main thing that was warm).

Fresh cabbage juice drink a glass three times a day on an empty stomach.This juice is recommended for various cancers.Additional healing effect of juice - the elimination of toxins, fight against slagging.Treatment of white cabbage true only in the early stages of cancer.

method 5. Celandine

Infusion of celandine: grass - 20 g of dried or 50 g of fresh, - pour 200 ml of alcohol;while insisting in a dark place - 3-5 days.Receiving a rule: three times a day from 5 to 7 drops after a meal.This recipe requires special care, as celandine both medicinal and poisonous plant.

method 6. Propolis

Treatment of propolis is permissible if cancer in the assembly stage without inflammation.The use of propolis also requires caution, because the product contains active biological substances.

Infusion: crushed propolis (50 g), pour 200 ml of alcohol (70 degrees).For preparation and storage containers use of darkened glass.The infusion will be ready at the end of the month.It is administered twice a day 30 drops before meals.By the way, the finished tincture Propolis is sold in pharmacies.

oil based propolis: in 1 kg of melted butter, add 180 grams of propolis, pre-shredded.The future of medicine is heated in a water bath, stir.As a result, should get plenty of light brownish color.She smeared chest.It is advisable to do the procedure daily at bedtime.