Tibetan youth recipes

Tibetan recipes youth known for a long time.Save or restore the natural beauty and youth, in many cases, help techniques Tibetan healers.

"Herbal teas, decoctions and infusions based on natural ingredients come to the aid of those in need of health promotion to people instead of traditional medicines."

Main Tibetan recipes youth

come down to us through the centuries, Tibetan recipes of youth and beauty are finding more fans around the world.No dietary supplements, medications or surgical methods will not be able to return and maintain youth and beauty.To achieve effective rejuvenation really help the once secret, and now available to us knowledge of Tibetan monks.

Nature itself is the main "pharmacist", and it gives people everything you need.On the basis of natural ingredients and created these unique recipes rejuvenation with which strengthens immunity, improves metabolism and blood vessels are cleaned, restored sight .

"Almost all Tibetan medicine is based on the use of natural substances by m
eans of which there is a truly miraculous rejuvenation of the body."

Tibetan youth recipe №1

The composition of the drug include garlic and alcohol.Garlic tincture alcohol cleanses the body of lime and excess fat.With it you can prevent a heart attack, multiple sclerosis, angina, prevent the emergence and development of various tumors, significantly improve vision.

Since garlic is a very active substance, to repeat the entire course only after 5 years.

method for preparing a composition of rejuvenating

must take 350-400 grams of fresh (stored no more than 3-4 months) large garlic without visible damage, finely chopped, well-crushed in wooden, porcelain or glass dish.Thereafter take below - from where the collected most juice - 200 gram weight placed in the glass utensil, such as a bottle or jar in a dark glass (to wrap transparent glass dark paper) and add 200 ml of pure 96% ethanol.Dishes are a little warm up before you pour it into a drug.

Dishes with the resulting mixture tightly closed lid (preferably lapped stopper) and put on 10 days in a cool place and darkened.The resulting mixture should be strain through several layers of gauze and again leave in a dark place for three days.After a three-day exposure rejuvenating agent can be considered ready.

"Some folk healers recommend to cook the drug in accordance with the lunar phases:. Put on the new moon (the new moon), take a mixture of finished at the full moon"

Scheme application

few drops of the mixture should instill in the cup with 50 ml of milk(about a quarter cup) and take the reduced diagram below.Some practitioners healers claim that it is better to use goat's milk, but, judging by the results of the application, you can take and natural cow's milk.For best results, it requires strict adherence to the driven methodology.

volume drops "elixir of youth" for thrice times daily:

Day 1. Breakfast - 2 drops, dinner - 2 drops, dinner - 3 drops.

Day 2. Breakfast - 4 drops, dinner - 5 drops, dinner - 6 drops.

Day 3. Breakfast - 7 drops, dinner - 8 drops, dinner - 9 drops.

Day 4. Breakfast - 10 drops, dinner - 11 drops, dinner - 12 drops.

Day 5. Breakfast - 13 drops, dinner - 14 drops, dinner - 15 drops.

Day 6. Breakfast - 15 drops, dinner - 14 drops, dinner - 13 drops.

Day 7. Breakfast - 12 drops, dinner - 11 drops, dinner - 10 drops.

Day 8. Breakfast - 9 drops, dinner - 8 drops, Dinner - 7 drops.

Day 9. Breakfast - 6 drops, dinner - 5 drops, dinner - 4 drops.

Day 10. Breakfast - 3 drops, dinner - 2 drops, dinner - 1 drop.

Since 11 days, should take 25 drops for breakfast, 25 for lunch and drops to 25 drops for dinner until the vehicle is not completely finished.

For dosage elixir, use conventional pipette.

"If you confuse the smell of garlic, chew parsley sprig ─ it would kill the smell of garlic."

cases contra funds

1. At intolerance of certain ingredients.

2. People with a diagnosis of "epilepsy".

3. In the acute form of the disease of the stomach, kidneys and liver.

4. Pregnant women, mothers with babies and children.

wary need to use the elixir to people with bowel or stomach ulcers, diseases of the prostate and gallbladder, with urinary tract disorders.At the first discomfort should seek advice from a doctor you trust.

Other practitioners healers say that with such a powerful cleansing the body, which provides an alcohol tincture of garlic, can be unpleasant sensations on the processes:

1) itchy skin caused by cleansing the lymphatic system;

2) discomfort in the liver as a result of which came in the movement of stagnant bile;

3) heat in the head as a sign of purification of cerebral vessels.

Tibetan recipe youth №2

This Tibetan rejuvenation recipe based on herbs and is an effective means of purification and rejuvenation.The drug has a diuretic effect and bile, cleanses the blood and lymph, is a good anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic agent.The vessels become more elastic, stops dizziness, headaches disappear, improves eyesight, smoothes the skin, strengthening the immune system occurs.

Thanks to intensive removal from the body cholesterol and fat deposits and normalization of metabolic processes of the body is largely rejuvenated.In addition, means is well suited for the prevention of hypertension, atherosclerosis and infarction.

composition and method of use of the Tibetan Youth prescription №2

The composition of the collection consists of four types of herbs: immortelle, chamomile, St. John's wort and birch buds.All herbs are readily available in pharmacies.In one collection you need 100 grams of each herb;as a rule, in such a packaging, and they are sold.

components must be carefully grind and mix well in a glass or other suitable container with a closed lid.Drink tea instead of the mixture can be as follows.

the evening brew one tablespoon of the collection in 500 ml of boiling water, to give the infusion to cool to room temperature, then strain through a fairly thick cloth and wring it well.Then take half the resulting liquid, add honey to it (about half a teaspoon) and mix.Drink sips should not earlier than one hour after the last meal.This is best done at night to the morning to eat nothing.

morning need to warm up the rest of the liquid in a water bath, then add honey (as half a teaspoon), stir and drink in small sips.Drink the infusion should be on an empty stomach, about half an hour before breakfast.So do as long as the prepared mixture over the bank.The entire course takes about three months.Once each month, you can do a week break.Repeated course is 5 years.


not use this collection of children under 12 years of age, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women and people with bad transporting individual components of the mixture.

Using simple but effective recipes Tibetan youth, you can save the health, beauty and freshness for many years.

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