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Rose of Damascus ( continued)

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In Russia, the first terry or, as it was called, "Velvet» rose appeared in the XVII century.She brought a gift to Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich German ambassador.Actively breeding roses in Russia began in the XVIII century.under Peter I and Catherine II.When Catherine in the Park first laid the rose garden, which is called the pink field.Still, they were the colors of luxury and were available only to wealthy people.

the way with a rose in Russia is connected with one curious case.Once, during the reign of Nicholas I, one of the generals I was requested to accompany the emperor's mother in Tsarskoye Selo.Walking through the park, the general was surprised to see the time in a completely empty space on the track.Intrigued by this, he began to refer to all the court with the question about the reason for finding the time in empty space, but no one knew anything.Everyone is saying that so relies on regulations.This position was held by hour for 50 years and is li

sted in the orders: keep the post, located 500 meters from the east pavilion.

And once inquisitive general learned the following.It turned out that the clock was put there by order of Empress Catherine II, who, strolling through the garden, saw a magnificent, newly-blown rose.She wanted to give her one of his grandchildren, and that no one broke it, put it near the guard.But the next day she had forgotten about the rose.And so the years passed, the Empress died, long gone and he rose bush, and continued to watch replaced on the very spot where it once grew.

Rose sung writers and poets of all time.Rightly believes that no other plant in the history of culture did not play such a role, like a rose.She sang all the Greek and Roman poets.

here and do not know whether the color takes from Aurora
roses or gives his painting rosy flowers.
color both one, and rose and morning - united
After over a star and Venus flower still reigns.
Maybe they have a common flavor?But somewhere in the ether
first flows, stronger breathing coming, another ...

Rose - a constellation of colors, the beacon of pink dawns over the fields,
color with its aroma are heavenly beauty.

Iran created the book "Gul-Nam", glorifying rose .Sonorous poem dedicated to her Arab poets Saadi and Hafiz.

in the XVIII century.We published a collection of poems of different poets, dedicated to the rose.Especially loved the Victor Hugo roses.He once said that nothing would not have wanted to die at the time of flowering roses.He died at the end of May, and the coffin was buried in his roses.

In Russia, the first poem dedicated to rosé, wrote VA Trediakovskii and it was called "Ode to the praise of the rose color."A little later, GR Derzhavin wrote:

Rose bushes over the queen,
aroma of sweet mother.
Beaded his lightning
Rose loves to sprinkle.

beginning with simple rose grown nemahrovymi flowers and among them sometimes come across forms with a large number of petals.Such forms were subjected to selection, and have double forms were in the Ancient East and ancient Greece.Herodotus, describing the gardens of the Macedonian king Mead pointed out that there were growing roses, flowers whose petals were sixty.

In ancient times, was distributed to view the roses, called stolepestkovoy, from her view there was a European Semi-double - Rose Gali, and from the last - rose Kazanlak - the main industrial look now.

in the XVIII century.there were 18 varieties of roses, of which 6 were nemahrovyh.At the end of the XVIII century.in Europe there was a Bengal rose, brought from India in the beginning of the XIX century.- Tea, pink and yellow Chinese.In 1875, there were curly Multiflora (polyanthus) rose.All variety of grades (and to date, there are about 20,000) was the result of crossbreeding the old with the new varieties.Rose was a great lover of the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, Josephine, which at Malmaison in the park was a large collection of them.

in Russia until the end of the XIX century.there was no public collection of roses.It was only in 1891 -1892 years.Rosarium was laid in the Nikitsky botanical garden.One interesting story associated with it.In 1900, head gardener of the Nikitsky garden vacationing abroad and simultaneously drove acquainted with pink plantations in Luxembourg.Talking with the owner of the company, he said, that in Russia it would be nice to have a collection of roses.Before he could return to the Crimea, as a package arrived with a collection of 2500 varieties of roses.Garden immediate payment of the parcel, but the Department of Agriculture found no reason to pay, since the contract was signed without his knowledge.So it had to pay the head gardener collection of his salary.

Besides the beauty of the flower rose has another advantage: extremely harmonious flavor."The aroma of roses is like a musical chord, compose of many" notes "smells combined into one harmonious accord" - wrote the German researcher N.Miller, isolated from rose 25 types of odors and found that a typical "pink" smell have only red and pinkvariety.Yellow and white roses often smell iris, nasturtium, violet, lemon and others.

rose Odor depends on the content and composition of essential oil.Among the large variety of rose only a few varieties are suitable for rose oil.Outside of the competition was the famous Kazanlak rose.The first attempts at growing it in Bulgaria in the town of Kazanlak, the surroundings were made about 200 years ago.Conditions here were so favorable that in the second half of XIX century.Kazanlak region turned in a solid pink plantation and received the poetic name of "Valley of the Roses."The yield of essential oil of rose petals Kazanluk 0.04%, which is several times higher than in other species.

first attempts of growing the Kazanlak roses in Russia were taken in the 70s of XIX century.But the stranger be difficult to acclimatize, and these attempts were unsuccessful.

The real work on the cultivation of roses were deployed in the 30-ies of our century.large production were organized in the Kuban region in Moldova, in the Crimea.Cultivated mainly Crimean grade red, from which the high-quality oil.

Rose oil - one of the most expensive on the international market is valued more than gold and platinum.Rose Cleaning - a very laborious process.Bloom bud night and in the morning, before sunrise, he should be torn down.If he stays on the bush one day, half of the oil will be lost.From the best varieties of roses after processing 1,000 kg of petals getting a little more than 1 kg of essential oil.Rose oil is able to receive and used as a medicine in ancient Persia.

In ancient Hellas told this parable.As if the philosopher Socrates students competed in the most concise and witty answer.On the teacher's question, that nature is both beautiful and useful, one of his disciples plucked the rose and silently handed it to the philosopher.He was also awarded the victory.

In the poem "On Culture Gardens" read:
should rightfully flower "flower flower" called,
oil it creates itself from him to get the name,
People so often it excellent is the remedy,
Whatever you think of the whole orcall no one fails.

In Avicenna's list of indications for which the use rose , occupies two pages.He recommends a decoction of the petals in a binder, wound healing and anti-inflammatory agent."Roses are good for the treatment of stomach and rose oil ... ... quenches inflammation of the stomach."He considers it useful for eye diseases, headaches, pain in the ears, diseases of the oral cavity and in the other cases.

In medieval Europe, rose oil was prepared as follows: take the red rose petals, mix them with olive oil and cork tightly, hung in the sun.After enduring so within a week, used in the treatment of wounds and burns, gastric diseases, uterine diseases, and in many other cases.We believe that it is "useful abundance of healthful qualities."

In modern medicine, rose oil is used in the composition rozanol drug used as an antispasmodic agent for liver diseases.Rose water is recommended for inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity.Widely used in the oil and the perfume industry.

Rose and rose oil in recipes of traditional medicine (treatment of conjunctivitis, asthma, tonsillitis)

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