Developing body flexibility

Developing body flexibility necessary for the person to form a healthy and active life position.We offer to find out what exercises can effectively achieve results - a flexible body, giving freedom to your movements.

First of all, we note that flexibility - this is not a sports term.This quality is necessary for each person to free movement and travel.The flexibility of the body is characterized by the tone, elasticity and mobility of each muscle, ligament, each joint of the body.

Answer yourself the question - Do you usually give easy movement necessary?It is easy whether you lean to fasten your shoes?How easy is it can "scratch" the skin between the shoulder blades?If not, then you have the flexibility of the process of loss.With age, it is all visible.Loss of muscle tone, stress, natural aging, stress, and emotions are deterring factors reduce the body's flexibility.

What determines the flexibility?

Undoubtedly, the state of his physical and mental health.Of course, you realize that the only al

locate a separate component or flexibility, for example, only the tone of the muscles, you can not.All the organs of the human body are interdependent.Just as they are dependent on human mental comfort of his moral life satisfaction.

Virtually all of the above you can control yourself.At least carry out a complex of simple stretching exercises can every person.The most basic, that we are now able to offer - it's pulling.For example, take the cat.Remember how she woke up, yawning widely as pull tabs as bends back.Nothing prevents you from repeating the same movement, or waking up during the day.Fast, easy, affordable, and as a result - increase the elasticity of muscles and ligaments.

". Return the body flexibility is never too late at any age can start to exercise for flexibility Just for every age and of the individual case should be properly distribute the workload and complexity of the exercise.."

Remember that perform stretching exercises prohibited when:

- not healed fractures, sprain or dislocation of joints

- There is an acute inflammation or exacerbation of diseases of the joints

- Until this has been an intense strength training.After such loads - just relaxing and soothing stretching.

- If a person has heart disease, with the risk of blood clots - atherosclerosis, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, it is forbidden to carry out serious stretching exercises.It is dangerous for life!Limit with light stretching and rotations.

Today we offer a range of exercises that can be performed at any age.It has no serious contraindications, but leads to excellent results.The most important thing to do these exercises on a regular flexibility needed.

Getting flexibility exercises, learn the general rules for their implementation:

- warming up the muscles before stretching exercises jogging, biking, jumping rope, walking - what suits you best.

- not force - when it is not needed stretching, strength training is not.

- Avoid jerking and sudden movements.Exercises are performed smoothly, adjust the load on the state of the body.With time.When the body becomes more flexible, the load increases.

- important to regularly perform!It is even more important than the amplitude of the legs at the splits.

- exercise is performed with smooth transitions from one to another, without interruption, or making them the shortest.

- when stretching exercise should immediately stop If there is a sharp pain, even if you were doing it before many times.In this case, either reduce the amplitude of the stretch, or go to the next exercise.

How to develop body flexibility?

Perform complex exercises proposed by us.Each element of the exercise is performed 6-8 times.Do them slowly, one by one, without changing the prioritization.

- Perform standing head tilt - forward, backward, right, left.

- Dilute in hand hand, to perform the rotational movement of the wrist forward, then backward.

- Circular rotation arms - back and forth.

- Weave of the neck brushes and rotate hips to the left, then to the right.

- Legs keep together, take hold of the knees.In this position, rotate the first leg to the right, then to the left.

- straightened.Do you lean forward.Feel your body - do not overexert the knee joints.Over time, increase flexibility, and you will be able to put his hands on the floor.

- Pick up a gymnastic stick, or some household utensils, so that holding it in your hands, you can fix the position of the hands wider than shoulder width.Raise your hands up and laid back, as if twisting the joint.In the course of employment, reduce the distance between the hands.

- Stand with your feet apart, hands on waist.Lift up your right hand and at the same time lean to the left.Then change hands and the side of the slope.

- Put a shoulder-width apart legs, leaned forward and spread his hands wide apart.Do the "mill": follow the movements springing to his right leg left arm, then the left leg with his right hand.

- Stand with your hands on your waist, rotate the torso to the left and right in a horizontal plane.

- Sit on the floor with your feet together.Drag your fingers to stop the legs, at the same time try to lie on breast thighs.

- Again, sitting, legs, spread as widely as you can.Falls short of the fingers, first to the left foot, then right foot up.

- Stay seated.Straighten the right leg.The left-hand bend so that its foot pressed against the thigh of the right leg.Reach the fingers up to the foot of the right leg.Then change: the left - straight, right hand pressed, drag to the foot of the left leg.

- Continue to sit.Again, leave your right leg straight.Bend left leg at the knee so that the lower leg with the foot were sent back.You should now have what looks back heel and thigh lay on the floor perpendicular to the straight leg.Reach the fingers to the feet of straight leg.Then change the position of vice versa.

body flexibility can be developed.Follow this simple set of daily and you are guaranteed to receive as a result of the freedom of movement, lightness and comfort of the body.We wish you a flexible body and health!

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