The epidemic of 2016 - swine flu in Russia

Signs of swine flu quite characteristic.Most importantly, time to notice them and take appropriate action.Influenza is classified as severe disease with a risk of complications incompatible with life.Therefore, it is impossible to carry on their feet, and when the first symptoms immediately contact a doctor.

Epidemic 2016 - swine flu in Russia

In Russia, the incidence of influenza peak.In the Novosibirsk region, 80% of the total number of cases identified the virus H1N1.It is also characterized by the predominance of group A viruses to the Kaliningrad region, which include the strain of swine flu.Epidemic covered fifty Russian regions.The number of fatalities has exceeded one hundred - almost all of them are associated with swine flu.

By calculations of the Moscow Health Department, the epidemic goes on recession after a week and a half, and its completion will be possible to talk in the middle - the end of February.And while some of the other closing schools and kindergartens.On January 26, in Mo

scow conducted quarantine measures - sick every second Muscovite identified strain of swine flu.

In the penultimate week of January to 1.5-fold increase in the number of cases of influenza, most began to meet moderate to severe form of influenza that requires hospital treatment.The statistics of Rospotrebnadzor - by 37.8% exceeded the epidemic threshold calculated.

Characteristic symptoms

What advice give pulmonologists to recognize swine flu?

Symptoms and treatment of strain H1N1:

- rapid onset - severe intoxication ( "breaking" hands-feet, headache and muscle pain), sharply higher (up to 39-40 °) temperature;

- reaction of the respiratory system - a heavy cough, breathing problems (rapid, labored), runny nose, sore throat;

- conjunctivitis.

"unusual for seasonal influenza symptoms, which are taking place in a small percentage of cases, -. Digestive disorders (diarrhea, vomiting, nausea)"

Preventive measures

How to protect yourself from the H1N1 strain of infection?Preventing swine flu is similar to the simple rules against SARS and other influenza viruses.During an outbreak, you need to:

- to avoid large gatherings of people;

- to give preference to the open market against the supermarket;

- being in a confined space (. Transport, pharmacy, etc.), wear a mask;

- often ventilate the room and maintain their high level of humidity;

- avoid contact with already sick;

- when sharing accommodation with flu patients scrupulously observe rules of hygiene - use only the personal items, wash your hands, be allocated to each different set of dishes, carefully processed after use - until boiling.

Influenza drugs

Given the severity of the consequences and extremely rapid development of the disease, to engage in self-medicate just life threatening.At home treatment does not lead to success.Special medicines for swine flu, acting specifically against the H1N1 strain, no.Therefore, it is important not to miss the initial stage of development of the swine flu and to stop the disease, to prevent the virus to capture important system of the body.

Antivirals and masks can help, but it is important to use them in time.Already ill with influenza, take them meaningless.Picking up the virus as early as possible is important to seek medical attention and to prevent possible consequences of the disease.Here, the key is a comprehensive approach to patient care.

As with SARS patient should drink as much as possible teas, fruit drinks, decoctions of dried fruits (apricots and raisins), finished pharmaceutical solutions to prevent the loss of body fluid.From the list of antipyretic drugs is better to give preference to paracetamol and ibuprofen, not aspirin.

problems of upper and lower respiratory tract better deal jointly with specialists pulmonologist.It is important to remember that the uncontrolled use of antibiotics not only will not cure swine flu, but also can increase the risk of complications.

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