to enhance male potency products

products to enhance male potency does not help to bring health to Viagra.Special diet allows you to increase virility and extend its life.

in natural foods contain all the minerals and vitamins needed by the body to increase potency.Moreover, knowing the composition of products, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses, you can quickly achieve the desired result, except for side effects.

to enhance male potency

products in the diet of any person to be present products containing the so-called "vitamins of reproduction" ( "A" vitamins "E") and vitamins of group "B", improving the conductivity of nerve impulses.Famous recipes to increase potency contain animal and vegetable components.

products based on animal constituents

researchers was made "top 4" of animal products that increase virility.Let us consider each of them.

1. Stomach camel , as a means to improve male potency, has been known since ancient times.It was used more nomads of the East, who have had limited access to good nu

trition.Only 3 grams of specially dried product, upotreblёnnogo a few minutes before having sex significantly increases the potency.This means there are no side effects, but it is difficult to obtain.

2. For products with aphrodisiacs (substances which increase sexual desire and activity) are oysters .Rare amino acids, a large number of organic zinc and dopamine (a substance that significantly enhances libido) allow to activate the production of testosterone (male sex hormone) and increase the amount of sperm produced.

Oysters desirable to use liver disease, diabetes, problems with immunity, low acidity.In addition, it should be remembered that in raw oysters can be bacteria harmful to health.

3. rich in trace elements, amino acids and vitamins has flounder .It is not necessary to fry, stew is better, boil or steamed until tender.Flounder and other rich nutrients, beneficial effect on health, and thereby increase the potency.

4. Sexual health of men is largely can be increased by eating mackerel .Its structure includes desired health such substances as fatty omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids involved in the synthesis of testosterone.

"easy to digest protein is an excellent material for the sperm, phosphorus, which is composed of mackerel enough, a positive effect on its quality and iodine increases libido."

In general, you should eat foods that contain a large number of trace elements to increase potency,amino acids and vitamins.

Dietary (chicken, turkey, rabbit) and a red lean (horsemeat, lamb, beef) meat also contributes to the development of male hormones, improving potency.In a reasonable amount of meat is an effective aphrodisiac.

Fish, especially marine, contains all the necessary body substance and high content of phosphorus and iodine favorable effect on potency and sexual activity.In addition, fish products the body to assimilate much easier than meat.As well as meat, fish better than boiled.

It can be safely attributed aphrodisiac and other seafood.High selenium and zinc content in products such as prawns, mussels and squid increases potency and provides a better sperm regeneration.

Herbal Products

Strange but true: one of the most important for men is a food turnip .In its composition a lot of trace elements, vitamins and substances that are beneficial for sexual function in men and improve overall health.

to improve potency use turnip seeds of garden .Boiled turnips can be added to meat dishes ─ the effect will be the same.Another recipe for Medicinal Products: a 1: 1 mix grated boiled turnip with grated carrots, add one teaspoon of honey and mix.To achieve results consume 70-80 grams of the mixture three times a day.

You can also take a large turnip, boiled until tender in the milk (about half a liter), rub, add 100 grams of honey and mix with milk, which is boiled turnips.Take 50 grams of the product of four times a day.

"Products with turnip contraindicated for people with acute diseases stomach and intestines, cholecystitis, liver and central nervous system."

Of course, there are other herbal products to enhance male potency and overall strengthening of the body.That vegetables and herbs, fruits and berries.Provide competent food is easy to increase potency, if you follow the right balance of essential substances in the diet.

So, celery, all kinds of onions, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, asparagus, peppers, garlic enrich the body with essential active ingredients, improving hormones, helping to maintain health and improve potency.The daily diet should always include vegetable dishes, in raw and boiled.

to improve potency helpful all kinds of nuts, especially cedar .Nuts should be eaten raw, on a daily basis, but in small quantities.The day is enough 100 grams of peeled nuts.Effective recipe with almonds and dried figs.Dates are a good wash, remove seeds, cut into thin rings and mixed with pounded almonds.The result appears in about half an hour.

Daily consumption of three or four raw quail eggs leads to an increase in sexual desire and helps to get multiple orgasms in an hour.As the body temperature quail is quite high, the germs do not survive, and you can drink raw eggs.

effect ensures that nutrients in the product, as well as large amounts of phosphorus, iron and amino acids.The combination of quail eggs, and other products with similar properties can significantly enhance erections and sexual desire.

Quail eggs are contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the liver and kidneys, as well as poorly digested animal protein.

Most fruits and berries fresh contain active substances, and their use is shown to enhance male potency.

"Instead of fresh fruit and berries can be eaten fresh juices. The best in this capacity considered pomegranate and pumpkin juice."

good recipe for enhancing masculinity based ginger tea.A small, about 2 cm piece ginger root should be thoroughly cleaned, cut into small pieces and pour on the boiling water for 10 minutes.The taste you can add honey and lemon.This drink, in addition to the effect of increasing potency, has a number of medicinal properties: it stimulates the cardiovascular system, removes toxins, strengthens blood vessels, promotes liquefaction of the blood, improves cerebral blood flow.

products that reduce male potency

Alcohol can cause damage to the testicles, and significantly reduces the production of testosterone.Especially bad beer containing phytoestrogens (female hormones).

Soy also contains female hormones, and its consumption should be limited.

Baking, white yeast bread damage throughout the body, lowering, including potency.

Eating a day more than 6 tablespoons of corn, soybean and linseed oil reduces the production of testosterone.

Products adversely affect male potency, quite a lot.But limiting the consumption of at least those listed above can be permanently saved as a male potency.

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