Hypovitaminosis : causes, treatment

For stable and complete the work in the human body needs constant replenishment of energy reserves, which he takes out nutrients entering into it with food.Of particular importance in human life are vitamins that are responsible for the normalization of the internal organs, appearance and overall health.

Unfortunately, we do not always manage to get enough of them, with the result that there are all sorts of diseases.Lack of vitamins can be characterized by a separate term and carry a number of diseases.

What gipovitaminoz

far more common to hear such a definition as beriberi, that is a complete lack of vitamins in the body.Hypovitaminosis also implies their partial failure and is a form of vitamin deficiency.

Often, vitamin deficiencies occur in the spring, when vitamin reserves in the body are practically exhausted, and get them in the full amount is not in the year during the cold time possible.

The category of people exposed to vitamin deficiencies can also be attributed fans to drink alcohol,

and smokers, the elderly, vegetarians, those who often adhere to strict diets, people who perform heavy physical or mental stress, and have had infectious diseases.

gipovitaminoze When the protective properties of the body greatly weakened, and he could not fight viral diseases, often turning into a chronic form.


reasons to avoid vitamin deficiencies, it is necessary to know the main causes of its development.The most common vitamin deficiency occurs as a result of the lack of a specific group of vitamins in the diet.Improper and unhealthy food does not provide the body with all the necessary materials, and it leads to undesirable consequences.The absence of the menu of fresh vegetables and fruit is fraught with deficiency of vitamins C and P, and the abundance of refined foods leads to a lack of B vitamins

Violations of the rules of preparation and storage of food can also cause lack of vitamins in the body.Some of the products by the heat treatment or cold processing lose most of its properties, and thereafter not capable in sufficient quantity to provide the body with vitamins and nutrients.To avoid this, you must always adhere to the recommended rules of cooking.

Hypovitaminosis can become one of the side effects for diseases of the digestive system and other infectious diseases, as a result of which the stomach does not assimilate the bulk of vitamins entering into it with food.Prolonged taking certain medications, including antibiotics, can also provide a similar effect.

Symptoms of hypovitaminosis

Determine gipovitaminoz does not always work immediately, as the symptoms appear after a certain period of lack of vitamins in the body.There are specific and non-specific signs of hypovitaminosis.For nonspecific include general weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, sleep disturbances, irritability and loss of appetite.

If you do not take appropriate measures, may appear more significant signs of disease, such as peeling of the skin, bleeding gums, the formation of ulcers on the lips and in the mouth, brittle nails, skin discoloration, hair loss.In some cases, may cause nausea, dizziness and vomiting.

Treatment hypovitaminosis

order to eliminate vitamin deficiencies and its symptoms, it is necessary first of all to determine what exactly enough vitamins the body, passing the relevant tests.After that, it should be as fast as possible to fill their reserves by eating foods rich in appropriate vitamins.

It may be certain foods or ready-made vitamin complexes, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.It is also useful to combine them with a meal containing in its composition of nutrients that promote the absorption of vitamins.

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