Almond milk : use recipe

Almond milk - is a dietary product for the benefit of your beauty, youth and health.If you prefer only natural products, you can easily prepare the almond milk at home, preserving its valuable properties.

Almond milk: use

Energy value almond milk 60-73 kcal per 100 g .Protein content - about 2.16 g, carbohydrate - about 5.87 g, fat - in presence of 3.05 g of sweeteners and milk flavors increases calorie product to 134 Kcal.

Evaluating the taste of almond milk, many agree that it looks like a protein shake with walnut flavoring.Almond milk is actually included in the menu of athletes, although not contain huge amounts of protein.In other valuable product - the presence of vitamins otherwise - riboflavin , as well as iron, which helps to develop and strengthen muscle tissue.

"cup of almond milk will satisfy your hunger and maintain a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, those who sit on the diet In addition you will bring invaluable benefits to their health.."

Almond milk - a product that al

lowed people with milk allergies.According to medical estimates, 18% of Russians suffer from lactose intolerance.Cow's milk does contain difficult digestible sugar - lactose.A in almond milk lactose no .

Almond milk contains a considerable amount of fatty acids omega .At the same sodium content in peanut milk is minimal.Such a product is included in the recommended list in order to maintain normal pressure level, the prevention of heart diseases.

One glass of almond milk makes up for 50% of the daily rate of vitamin E, known for its antioxidant properties - improving the health of the skin, protecting it from harmful radiation.

Almond milk referred to products with a low glycemic index .Indeed, the relatively low carbohydrate content in the composition of almond milk actually has no effect on blood sugar levels.

Use almond milk without additives help to protect yourself from diabetes.A glass of almond milk - a 30% calcium and 25% of vitamin D on a daily adult standards .Therefore, the beneficial properties of almond milk can we add strengthening bone, preventing arthritis, osteoporosis.

The almond milk is present and vitamin A .Of course, it is not enough to fix reduce the level of, but as guardian eye health, almond milk is able to serve properly.

Almond milk: recipe

To prepare the almond milk at home will need: 200 g raw almonds, 4 cups of water.

At night, soak almonds in water.During this time the nuts should just swell.In the morning drain the water, put the almonds in a blender, pour the water back and chop.After strain (use conventional gauze).In principle it is possible to drink milk at once - it is a dietary option.The filtered particles almonds are also edible.

To taste in the milk is sometimes add honey or maple syrup.You can give a taste of vanilla - one serving is enough half a teaspoon of vanilla extract.Also good with almond milk combined cinnamon.

Almond milk has the same contraindications , as the nuts.Almond product is forbidden to infants and young children, allergic reactions of the body which are not yet known.For an adult human health is safest to prepare almond milk alone or carefully read the product composition of the plant to its use.

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