12 August

The Many Faces of manganese

Some scientists call the manganese element bearing love.Without it, there would be a close relationship between a man and a woman would not have had babies.After all, the mineral in the human body contributes to the maturation of gametes and development of the fetus.

not only love between the "charge" floors manganese, but also maternal feelings too.Scientists have conducted experiments on rats, which showed that females in a manganese deficiency cease to feed their young and care for them.On the contrary, they attack their own offspring.If the manganese in their menu enough to give a rat 'heirs' attention.

Apart from the foregoing, manganese protects the body cells from the damaging effects, influences the development of bone and cartilage, regulates the level of glucose, cholesterol and blood fat, ensures maximum efficiency of the brain, skin integrity and regularity of "critical days" for women.Without it, people would not grow, the wound did not heal, the bone does not recover from injury, joints

worn by friction.Manganese increases the absorption of vitamin B1, helps fight inflammation, inhibits allergic.

Despite the fact that the work is invaluable manganese, the need for it, oddly enough, very small.The daily rate for children - 1-2 mg for adults - 2.5-5 mg.Some medical sources call safe dose of 10 mg per 70 kg body weight.

"Another feature of the manganese that mineral deficiency in the body is very rare. Our wise body, recognizing that manganese is about may end simply reduce its excretion."

But if there was an annoying glitch (as it usually happens,for example, osteoporosis and some forms of epilepsy), and trace elements was not enough, you may experience unpleasant symptoms: mental and neurological disorders, confusion, loss of self control, tinnitus, inadequate perception of reality.The body responds to manganese deficiency rash.Continuing low levels of manganese creates the risk of colon cancer disease.

To correct the situation, to make up a share of manganese reserves in the body, it is necessary, first of all, begin to eat properly, to include in the diet of foods rich in manganese.

This tasty diet.It consists of garnet, gooseberry, almond and walnuts, peanuts, pineapple, spinach, beets, blueberries, green leafy vegetables, black tea, parsley, rose, red currants, cranberries, bananas.Bread made from whole grain - is also very "right" foods.Few of manganese in meat, fish, milk.

"If a manganese deficiency is rare, the excess is even more dangerous for health, -. More often Manganese accumulates in the bones, creating a clinical picture similar to rickets Chronic manganese poisoning threatens the brain -. Developing Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia."

Whorisk?The workers extracting mineral mines, dust causes hallucinations.They feel the drunken euphoria, which price - their lives, as many then die from cancer.Who else but the miners threatened a mineral?Employees of enterprises producing ceramics and glass, cast steel.

At risk are welders and those who are engaged in the electrical industry.If you often take long walks next to a busy highway, you can also get poisoned manganese.It is not necessary to walk with the children near the road, due to the small stature adult children can quickly poison manganese.

most sensitive to an excess of this element people with low iron content.Therefore, it is especially important at all times to monitor the hemoglobin.

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