12 August

Life on biorhythms

You know what chronobiology?And what do you know about biorhythms?We all consist of the same set of organs, and each of these bodies has its own clock the best or the worst state, to put it simply - "rush hours".That's just chronobiology experts studying manifestations of cycling in our body, or, more simply, biorhythms.

At different times of the day we feel different, even different look, weigh, and are capable of various actions!How to choose the most optimal time, for example, for a meeting or decision, for a trip in the car, or to care for themselves?Here are a few tips that you may find useful.

- If you want to drink a cup of coffee, it is best to do it in the morning until noon.It was at this time working with the greatest zeal smell, and smells are felt very keenly.But you should know that it is in the range from 7 to 10 am, when the body wakes up, your blood pressure jumps dramatically.

- If you have problems with the cardiovascular system, it is wiser to replace the morning coffee even a sho

rt walk in the park, in the woods - in this time of day do you feel keenly the morning scents of nature.

- If you're going to the cafe, restaurant or a meeting with friends - moderate libations most appropriate in the period from 18 to 20 hours, when the liver is the most cleverly deals with alcohol.

- Try to avoid making major decisions until 9 o'clock in the morning, but too long to weigh the "pros" and "cons" is not worth it - the optimum time for decision-making, according to biorhythms - around noon.

- Knowing the peculiarities of biorhythms, you can safely proceed to painful procedures, such as visits to the dentist, or mesotherapy hair removal: from 18 to 20 hours of pain sensitivity of the organism is significantly reduced.

- But to make a beautiful hairdo yourself or go to a hairdresser biorhythms recommend between 14 and 15 hours, when the body is a little static electricity, and with the hair easy to perform various manipulations.

- If you are dieting or just really watch your weight, at eight o'clock in the evening try not to be weighed in order to avoid unnecessary distress.It is at this time of day is the maximum rate.

- Even with the busy schedule of life try not to get behind the wheel of his car with a 2 to 4 o'clock in the morning.At this time of the day, not only greatly reduced the capacity of man, but also weakened eyesight, including color discrimination.At night, as we know, all cats are gray and traffic lights - black: contrasting red and green are almost identical to the eye.

- If you are looking forward to a romantic date, you have to take time off from work or even take a day off.At 10-11 am and 16-18 pm we look fresh and attractive of all.But the temptation to see the favorite at lunchtime, from 13 to 15 hours, sometimes necessary to refuse: in this time of slowing metabolism, and we look more sluggish than usual.

- Sexologists claim that by accident, but it is very desirable for the joy of your spouse can be a specific morning workout - in a format having sex.This morning a man is the highest concentration of testosterone.But at the peak of sexual activity of women, unfortunately, as a rule, it accounts for 23 hours, when a man, though not averse to sex, but quickly moves from tender words to sound sleep.However, according to experts, there is a compromise, and male-female time for sex - 16 hours, but, ironically, it is necessary to jet lag, alas, in the midst of a busy day.

- It would be nice to get yourself out of bed between 4 and 7 in the morning hours (just beginning to activate the glands of internal secretion) and applied to the skin light moisturizer appropriate will douches or rubbing the skin with ice cubes during this time.

- But with 17 to 20 hours as the time comes time masks, peeling and lifting - all the nutrients will go exactly as prescribed.

- From 20 to 22 the skin will be grateful for cleaning procedures and truly rejoice bath, but from ten pm to midnight is best to just sleep.

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