12 August

The complexion and your health

you do not like the way you look: changed the complexion, stained, lip color has changed, and so on?Do not write off all the fatigue and hard work, in the hope that things will get better with rest.For their own health should be closely monitored in time to protect yourself from some disease.In any doctor's office the doctor, first of all, carefully examining you.Diagnosis of the disease produced in any survey, but complexion can assume what diseases struck internal organs.

So, redness and the same color spots on the face talking about heart disease.Cyanosis of the lips, forehead, cheeks, indicating a lack of blood supply to the lungs and oxygen.It is also characteristic of emphysema, and bronchial asthma.

White spots indicate asthenic-neurotic syndrome with persistent low blood pressure.White (pale) complexion distinguished patients with lung disorders, anemia.

Unhealthy blush on the cheeks as evidence of lung disease.Bruises under the eyes can be a sign of heart disease or esophagus.Dark and even b

lack skin color, especially on the cheeks and the root of the nose, talking about kidney disease, as well as an infectious disease of the bladder.

greenish color indicates the defeat of the digestive or respiratory system or the presence of a tumor cyst.There are also complications of gallstone disease or cirrhosis of the liver.

Yellow and yellow spots on the face - a sign of liver disease, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas and stomach.Yellow spots on the eyelids and iris act in violation of lipid metabolism and elevated cholesterol levels.

Brown spots in the hair roots indicate liver disease.Tendency to bruising often indicates a reduced blood clotting.

"there were disturbing signs - an occasion to see a doctor and undergo a medical examination for a proper diagnosis of the disease in mind that any disease is easier to cure, if we start from the beginning and do not run the disease.!"

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