12 August

The sparkling healthy smile

In ancient times, tooth brushes made of pig bristles, due chemgo they become a breeding ground for germs, and basic hygiene products was a jar of tooth powder, one - for the whole family.Fortunately, science and medicine does not stand still, and those days are gone.Today on the shelves - an abundance of products designed to beat tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease and other troubles.How not to get lost in all this diversity?


One of its most important characteristics - hardness bristles.Lovers of white smiles often become stiff brush and very stiff bristles, believing that the way to remove plaque easier.The result is disappointing: the enamel is erased, as these brushes are designed primarily for metal-ceramic crowns.Universal option - the bristles of medium hardness (suitable for most people, if not increased tooth sensitivity and inflammation).Soft is indicated for inflammation of the mouth, bleeding gums, very soft - for loose gums.The softer bristles, so it is more flexible, and thus

better penetrate into hard to reach areas between teeth.

way, the electric brush - a godsend for lazy people.Her manipulation calculated manufacturers, and thus reflect, at a right angle if you brush your teeth, do not have to.But the hope that the expensive miracle technology get rid of all the problems, it is not necessary.And if mishandled electric toothbrush may even harm.


By appointment paste can be divided into hygienic, prophylactic, therapeutic and preventive, curative.Of course, to choose the right toothpaste can only dentist.However, in its composition have special components that are worth paying attention to when buying.

fluoride.Its contents (usually indicated on the package) is important for the prevention of dental caries.The rate for adults - from 1400 to 1500 ppm, for children - 450-500.However, according to recent studies, it is best to strengthen the enamel fluoride in combination with calcium.Pasta with the formula used in the sale are quite common.

pyrophosphates - a substance that covers the teeth invisible film (their surface is glossy), thereby preventing the formation of plaque and tartar.Depending on the quality of paste effect lasts from 3-4 hours to days.

abrasive (soda or peroxide) is present in almost all the pastas, but in different amounts and need for grinding surfaces of teeth.But soda to clean your teeth in its pure form can not in any case: so you can not only get rid of the dark raid, but also on the enamel!

Triclosan prevents the formation of plaque and the development of bacteria in the oral cavity.However, abuse paste with triclosan can not (quite a tube every six months), or perish along with the harmful and beneficial bacteria.

Bleaching components.Their ranks are filled with variety: tartaric acid, citric acid, extract of pineapple ... Few people know (or can believe it), but it is whitening toothpaste - the most aggressive.In TV commercials for some reason did not warn that the struggle for a dazzling smile often leads to erosion and tooth decay, especially if you have your teeth rather than the crown of the cermet.Therefore, use of such pastes is better courses: within 10 days in the morning - the bleach in the evening - the usual.Then 3 months bleaching paste should be postponed.

many now familiar problem of sensitive teeth.Because too hard cleaning, especially with a stiff brush, gum line is lowered, exposing the necks of the teeth.The result - a painful reaction to hot, cold, sweet, sour, salty, etc.In this case, in the composition of the paste to look for strontium chloride, potassium, nitrogen, potassium citrate.When a small sensitivity of pasta usually helps, but if the problem is more serious - a visit to the dentist is inevitable.

In recent years, many manufacturers produce some toothpastes - morning and evening.As it turned out, it is not just "bells and whistles for the rich."Formulas such pastes containing different abrasive and medicinal components.Healing effect of the evening pasta, usually more pronounced, because the day of action of the active ingredients prevent the constant snacking.If the finished set you will not find on sale, you can paste in the morning to brush your teeth against dental caries, in the evening - an anti-inflammatory.

tooth powder

Oddly, it still has its admirers.In the meantime, this tool is not harmless: its formula consists of abrasive and very hard, and perfumes.Enter into a powder treatment components is not possible, therefore, benefit from it, to put it mildly, is not enough.It is better to abandon it.

Flossie (dental floss) complement toothbrush, especially recommended for lovers of snacks.Good dental floss should be flattened to use and to clean soft plaque between teeth.Just enter floss should be gently, without affecting the gums.

As for all kinds rinse aid oral, their choice is better to trust your dentist, because some medications components in such funds can be quite aggressive.

Finally, chewing gum .Here, as they say, two pieces of news.

Good: chew their food only after no more than 15-20 minutes.Also:

- useful only sugarless gum.The sweet taste of sweeteners they attach (xylitol, sorbitol, maltitol, etc.) That are not a breeding ground for bacteria and exhibit anticariogenic activity.

- during chewing enhanced secretion of saliva.It cleanses the mouth from food residues, feeds the tooth enamel calcium, strengthening teeth and protecting them from harmful bacteria.

bad: during chewing actively produces gastric juice that is harmful fasting,

- long chewing leads to increased salivation, which can cause depletion of the salivary glands and the development of abnormal dryness in the mouth

- known cases of tumors of the salivary glands inimmoderate use of chewing gum

- children often blow bubbles may malocclusion

- in diseases of periodontal (gum) disease is not excluded its overload and worsening of the disease.Chewing gum is not recommended for people with stomach disease and temporomandibular joint

- some researchers argue that the gum contains substances that affect the kidneys.

choice is yours.

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