12 August

The flexibility of our body

our body flexibility - a guarantee of free, active, eventful life.We offer know the reasons for the loss of flexibility, and how to effectively regain his freedom of movement, developing the body flexibility.

Why flexibility?

Remember how easy or hard for you to perform basic everyday movements.Do you experience difficulties when you need to bend over to tie his shoe laces?Fasten the zipper on the dress from the back?Sometimes we experience difficulties, even when hit in the arm sleeve outerwear.

The greater the amplitude of our movements, the easier it is to implement them.This flexibility of the body gives freedom of movement.Do not be taken only as the flexibility necessary quality athletes.It is not only the ability to do the splits gymnast or a professional ballet dancer jump.First of all, flexibility - is a rational operation of muscle tissue of the human body, providing it painless freedom of movement.

Thus, the flexibility of the body characterized by the mobility of each joint of the body,

each of its ligaments and muscles.With it and the connected state of the spine and, therefore, affects the flexibility and performance of the whole body of the CNS.

What determines the flexibility?

First of all, the elasticity of muscles and ligaments decreases with age.The reasons for the loss of flexibility are increased muscle tension due to stress, repressed emotions.Affect and physical changes - the natural aging of the tissues, and the carry-forward operation scars, joint adhesions.

If you take no action in respect of flexibility of the body, that his ability with age will decline.However, work to improve the elasticity of the body at any age.It is necessary to properly distribute the load and take into account the characteristics of the organism.

How to develop body flexibility?

most affordable and easy way - daily exercises.They can be divided into several groups and levels.There are exercises to stretch muscles, ligaments and joints, even.And levels - from elementary simple to the complex, professional.

perform basic exercises to develop flexibility, everyone can at any convenient time.Several stretches in the morning, after waking up, in the afternoon, in the office, you can take a little break and stretch.A good example is (do not be surprised) cat.Look - it pulls the legs, arching the back, yawning widely.Try also - cave in, stretch your arms, pull the legs.Even such small, but carried out regularly, the movement will help improve the elasticity of the muscles and joints.

much higher in terms of complexity are serious stretching and yoga classes.This balanced set of exercises for the development of body flexibility.They also have their own levels - from simple to complex, so you can also at any age to start doing yoga or stretching.They require more time and attention, as well as specific knowledge.A certain set of exercises to develop flexibility we give to another article.

Now, read the contraindications to practice stretching , like sport:

- Recent fractures, sprains and dislocations of joints.First, let splice broken bones and sprains, or otherwise does not increase the flexibility or move normally not be able to for a long time.

- The aggravation of diseases of the joints.Diseases of the joints in general (unless otherwise indicated by the doctor) is not a contraindication.But at the time of acute illness or inflammation classes should stop.

- Sudden pain when doing.It is necessary to learn to distinguish between acute pain and the feeling of stretching.With the sudden, sharp, very unpleasant pain is necessary to immediately suspend the exercise, even if you've performed it many times.It is not so much a contraindication as advice.Quitting complex is not worth it, you can begin any of the other exercises, or to alleviate the burden of it.But pay attention to the pain is necessary, perhaps this is an SOS signal.

- Do not perform stretching after a power load.Intense weight training is already subjected to the joints and muscles a serious test.Remember, exercise - alone, stretching - separately.After intensive loads can be a light stretching to relax muscles and to restore and calm the nerves.

- Cardiovascular disease is associated with the risk of blood clots.This is - a ban on stretching.If training on flexibility of the body in the above-described cases, can only harm the health, in these cases, exercise fraught with death!In atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis and varicose veins serious lesson tensile banned!In these diseases remember "movement cat" - they will help and not harm.

"develop flexibility can be almost anyone. Take the few minutes a day, and as a result you will get years of active and free life, unhampered by the limited movements. Be mobile!"

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