11 August

Floroterapiya - treatment colors

What floroterapiya, and a therapeutic effect can be achieved with its aid?Of all the treatments floroterapiya probably the most beautiful!It turns out that during the growth of flowers accumulate positive energy, and when we cut away just open flower, it begins to dissipate around this beneficial energy and at the same time part of "delay" the negative energy as long as no complete harmony is achieved.To a man back in a good mood, he calms down and forgets about his troubles.

"Even in ancient times eastern healers believed that the flowers have a unique ability to heal the body and soul and improve overall health."

Treatment of cut flowers and harmonization of space and called floroterapiey, methods which are based on the long experience of using the healing powers of Mother Nature.

If you want to recover your balance or normalize relations with loved ones, try to make two contrasting colors of the bouquet and put in a different room.

And note, in the room where you spend the most time together in th

e living room or dining room, you should put a bouquet made in cool colors (white, light blue, beige).This bouquet is able to suppress any signs of aggression, irritation to extinguish.In another room, put flowers in warm colors (red, yellow, orange, burgundy).

By the way, if the children are often too nervous and do not want to listen to you, in this case, too, come to the aid of cold shades of flowers - a small bouquet in the children's room to calm varmints.

Small bright bouquet in the kitchen, in the center of the dining table, improve digestion.Cheerful motley (combining both bright and pastel colors) bouquet in the hallway will help throw off the yoke burden and to leave the door negative emotions that you have accumulated over the day.Remember, cold tone colors eliminate the excessive excitation, and warm - increase the tone.

in the bedroom to keep the flowers are not recommended, except in cases where they treat the sick.In order to achieve a therapeutic effect, put flowers at a distance of a meter from a person, so that he saw them all the time.

composing bouquet, keep in mind that white flowers are shown in case of problems with the psycho-emotional sphere, yellow and variegated colors are recommended for infectious diseases, and the red flowers are shown at diseases of internal organs.Even you should know that the flowers, the petals of which have acquired their color by artificial means when the soil or water added special mortars, no healing powers do not possess.

Folk medicine claims that the treatment is better to start than with huge armfuls of flowers, and with only one small bud.When the patient is weakened, to influence him to be careful, and the flowers have a very powerful impact of changing energy space.

only at the second stage, when a person is open and ready to receive the flow of energy, continue to create compositions.

Each plant has its own energy, so to achieve a good result, you need to seek the advice of professionals floroterapii.

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