12 August

Massage at home.Equipment of self-massage of hands

In everyday turmoil we often do not pay attention to the constant tension and fatigue.But the most basic massage fingers able to return to us, not only courage, but also to cheer up!Try Now give yourself a few minutes.

"fingers as a brush, it is recommended to massage any free minute, and especially if the cold or sweaty hands. Each finger is" responsible "for his body, and because of this massage is an improvement of the whole body."

1. Thumb reflects the state of the lungs, bronchus and liver.For example, any cough can be mitigated and even cure, rubbing the thumb, especially strong pressure on the edge of the hole at the base of the nail.

2. The index finger directly "sends" signals to the entire digestive tract.The pressure on the point under the nail plate helps with any painful sensations in the mouth, including dental pain.The middle finger - the stomach area, liver, gallbladder.The lower part of the thumb and the fleshy area between the thumb and forefinger reflects the state of the large inte


3. The middle finger "in dialogue" with the entire circulatory system.

4. The ring finger is associated with the nervous system, and massage it helps to overcome all the nervous disorders, stress and a bad mood.

5. The little finger is associated with the small intestine and heart.Daily rubbing of fingers and clicking on the point at the base of the nail relieve chronic constipation.

massage hands is good in that it can be done anywhere, anytime, in any position: standing, sitting, lying down.Massage can be done not only at home but at work, even on public transport.

massage technique is simple.To begin with it is necessary to massage a general rubbing of the hands, making it about a minute.As a result of rubbing the skin temperature rises, warmed his hands, and you can continue the massage.

• Vigorously knead the joints: sharply and quickly squeeze the fingers into a fist and slowly unclench.

• Slowly squeeze the tense fingers into a fist, and quickly dissolve them like a fan.Follow the movement ten times.

• Massage each finger from the tip to the base on all sides.Each finger and alternately at least three times.

• Next, knead and massage the palm from the inner edge to the bottom, from the outer edge - to the midpoint of the palm and the midline of the fingers to the wrist.

• fingers and the palm in a circular motion exercise the wrist.A more carefully treat the area that painfully react to pressure.

• Finish the massage by rubbing.

Before the massage should not use oils and creams, but after - a must!The cream is well absorbed in the heated massage the skin, make it soft and well-groomed.Total massage time - 7-10 minutes.Repeat it can be 5 times a day.The greatest effect of the procedure you will feel in the morning before breakfast and in moments of fatigue.

Interestingly, pressing a finger to a point at the very center of the palm, can be removed palpitations and fatigue, restore vitality and good humor.

Spend a little experiment: start regularly massaging fingers and palms today.Even sitting in front of the TV, do not waste time, massage the fingers.A month later, try to analyze their condition.You will notice that self-massage of hands went in your favor!

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