12 August

Exercises for the brain

offers a simple exercise on the implementation of which it will take a little more than five minutes, however, provide you with high mental exercises.So do not be lazy and take adopt the proposed set of exercises.

brain exercises

- Cross steps and jumps.Perform this exercise can be the music - it will add to you good mood.Jumping do so to move the left hand, then his right foot to the beat movement - the left leg and right arm.Jump can be forward, backward and in different directions.

While walking to touch your left hand to your right knee, then the other way around - the right hand touch the left knee.

During the exercise you need to move their eyes in all directions.

- «lazy» Eight. This exercise can be done during a break at work.Right hand with a pencil on a piece of paper, draw a recumbent figure eight - the infinity sign.Then draw the same sign with his left hand.Then try to draw an infinity sign with both hands simultaneously.Now repeat the exercise, but not on paper, but in the air - t

he first alternating each hand, then both hands simultaneously.

- double figure. Take in each hand a pencil and try to draw any shape of your choice with both hands simultaneously, the motion must be counter: that is, if the right hand goes up, the left - down.

- Draw eight. Bend your knees and press my head to his shoulder.Stretching out his hand, draw an infinity sign in the air, at the same time pulling the upper torso of the hand.At the same time, try to look beyond their own depicting fingers.Then repeat with the other hand.

- rotation of the head. Starting position: shoulders relaxed, head down straight down.Start slowly rotate your head from side to side.Take a deep breath and relax when you exhale.Then perform a circular motion chin.

- Cross step in a sitting position .Sit on the mat.Simulate the movement of the legs as if riding a bicycle, touching the left elbow right knee and right - left.

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