12 August

Exercises for the ... ears with hearing loss

suggested exercises will not only ensure the prevention of hearing loss, but also help in the treatment of many diseases of the ear.Massage the ear restore lost functions of internal organs and pulling earlobes relieve headache and toothache, eliminate dizziness and help with eye diseases.

Despite the simplicity of the suggested exercises with the regular performance of them, you can improve the sharpness of hearing, and prevent early process in the outer ear canal, which is particularly important for the preservation of hearing in old age.


ears meet the proposed sequence 15-20 times tugged at his ears:

• First pull the earlobes from top to bottom;Perform each exercise with moderate force;

• Pull the outer ear from the ear canal first down and then up;

• sip the middle part of the ear of the ear canal to the outer region;

• do the circular motion of the ear in a clockwise direction;then repeat counter clockwise;

• place the thumbs over the ear shells, and other fingers bend in front

of them and at the same time pull both ears right and left;

• Grasp the outer ear and ear, rotate in all directions, stretching and pulling it down.This will improve the blood circulation, as well as good separation of wax;

• Bend the ears, hold them with your hands and hold so for some time.This exercise is recommended for hearing conservation.

• Place both hands over his ears, and moving them along the little finger first, then all other fingers, fast forward bend ears with the force push it to the head.Make several of these rapid movements wrists, cotton ears bending forward;

• pads of the index fingers of both hands at the same time begin to knead and press down on the tab on the upper part of the ear curl legs on both ears;

• thumb and forefinger of both hands simultaneously pull the ear curls upwards, downwards and outwards in every direction by 3-5 times.

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