12 August

Improvement of cerebral circulation : folk remedies

improve cerebral circulation - this is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases and reducing the risk of stroke.

Causes of cerebral circulation are smoking, alcohol, obesity, cholesterol and stress.And the symptoms - reducing the level of vision, intelligence and efficiency, memory loss, numbness, and frequent changes in gait ( 'shuffling' feet), decreased motor activity.

"more serious deterioration in circulation are problems with coordination and balance preservation, development of paralysis and stroke cases."

order to avoid dangerous consequences of cerebral blood flow, enough to practice one of the simple recipes of traditional medicine.

Recipe 1. Infusion of celandine

Dry chopped herb of celandine in the amount of one tablespoon of boiled water.Infused healing drink quickly - in just 15 minutes.After that, the infusion should drain.

recommended three-time reception daily - two tablespoons at a time.The course of treatment celandine - 21 days.After completing this course you need

to take a break.

recipe is especially important for those who have suffered a stroke due to cerebrovascular accidents.

Recipe 2. The leaves of vinca and hawthorn

One teaspoon of crushed leaves of vinca pour half a liter of boiling water.Cook moderate heat to a boil, then - let simmer for another 5 minutes.Before removing from heat add the flowers and leaves of hawthorn.The resulting broth push about 2 or 3 hours.

Take regularly half a glass before a meal.

achieve the results will help the regular use of a prescription.

3. Recipe Cranberry

Grind cranberries (fresh or frozen berries) - 500 g Mix cranberry porridge with honey (350 g) and finely grated horseradish (150 g).For mixing, it is desirable to use a blender to get a perfectly smooth.Transfer to a jar and store in refrigerator.

It really sanative prescription, which stimulates the cerebral circulation, and improves the quality of memory, and enhances immunity.

Take cranberry mixture should be after a meal three teaspoons, just a day - three times.

Taste the mixture turns quite sweet, but if you want to increase the permissible proportion of honey - add up to 350, and 500 g

Recipe 4. Valerian

shredded Valerian root (just 1 tablespoon) pour a full glass of boiling water and infuse for 8hours.Infusion drink during the day 3 times for 1 tablespoon.

can use aromatherapy methods.Couples alcohol tincture of valerian is inhaled before bedtime.This is an excellent sedative for the nervous system, helps to prevent cerebrovascular accidents due to stress.

Recipe 5 Seeds of lucerne

One teaspoon of alfalfa seeds pour warm boiled water (100 ml).Infusion drink before a meal (about half an hour).

Take the infusion should be three times a day and always for 9 months.After a break - 30 days, and then repeat the nine-month course of treatment.

main purpose of receiving alfalfa seeds - memory recovery.

Exercises to improve cerebral circulation

performing a special set of therapeutic exercises, you will significantly improve the processes of cerebral circulation.

1. Relax your neck muscles.Make head rotation clockwise seven times.Then repeat the rotation, but counterclockwise.Do not throw back his head back deep to avoid dizziness.

2. Take turns his head from side to side.It is important to strictly chin moved in a horizontal plane.

3. Make smooth tilts his head back and forth 7 times.The chin should touch the breast, and bent over backwards - the maximum depth.Do not forget to breathe properly - lean forward to breath, and back - on the exhale.

4. Make tilts his head from one shoulder to the other 7 times.Shoulders with static.Not all get to get the ear to the shoulder, but in any case, make every effort to do so.

Deep massage movements on the scalp, as well as intense rubbing of the ears and neck massage will become an additional stimulus for healthy circulation.

Physiotherapy is indicated for all.For her, there is always a time during the day.Recipes of traditional medicine should be used with greater caution.Be confident in the correctness of the choice of traditional treatments help prior consultation with a doctor.

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