12 August

Life after a heart attack : rehabilitation

Rehabilitation after myocardial involves a set of procedures to restore the body to prevent further life-threatening extreme conditions.The effectiveness of the action taken depends primarily on the patient - his understanding of the necessity of the measures taken.

Myocardial - damage to the heart muscle of varying severity that requires immediate hospitalization and resuscitation manipulation plus subsequent rehabilitation in order to avoid all the possible consequences.

"Recovering from a heart attack - a medical and social interventions aimed at people of working back and normalize the possible state of health."

diet after a heart attack

obesity, excess cholesterol, hypertension - factors that increase the risk of cardiac muscle.Diet, based on certain principles, can improve the performance of all three parameters.

diet principles

  • Reduced calorie daily diet.
  • Refusal of bad eating habits - eating sweet and starchy foods as antidepressants.
  • Remove from the diet of fatty food of anima
    l origin products, sauces, savory snacks and spices.
  • to reduce the use of salt 5 grams per day.
  • Daily liquid standards - required 1.5 liters of water.
  • Eat little and often to avoid the hungry stomach cramps.

Sample menu of the day (calorie - 1800 units)

Breakfast - 100 grams of cottage cheese, unsweetened weak coffee and milk drink (200 g).

2nd breakfast - salt-free mix of cabbage with sour cream dressing.

Lunch - Lenten soup (200 g) plus lean meat (90 g) with green peas (50 g), 100 g apples.

Snack - cottage cheese (100 g) plus broth hips (180 g).

Dinner - 100 grams of boiled fish, plus a vegetable stew (125 g).

Late dinner - yogurt (180 g) plus a slice of rye bread (150 g).

proposed diet designed for weight loss (3-5 kg ​​per month) to those who need.Catering to patients with normal weight figures more diverse.Calorie daily diet - 2500-3000 units, subject to the limitations on the use of animal fats, carbohydrates, and subject to the fasting days.

Important!Individual diet menu should be discussed with your doctor.

Physical activity

Exercise therapy after myocardial carried out only with the permission of a doctor.The average severity of a heart attack you can practice gymnastics for 2-3 hours at the stage of admission, with a poor prognosis have to wait a week.Loads gradually increasing, the patient's condition is monitored exercise physiologist and physician.

4-5-th day - to sit on the bed, legs dangling.

7th day - a few steps around the bed.

14th day - a walk in the ward.

21th day - a walk along the corridor, the development of several steps stairs, if conditions allow.

gradual increase in distance traveled up to 500-1000 m under constant supervision and control of heart rate and pressure plus reference pressure measurement and ECG before and after the walk.

With a favorable prognosis for the further rehabilitation after a heart attack under the supervision of experts indicated stay in a specialized sanatorium.In addition to exercise therapy to be used and other recovery methods - medication, diet, diet, a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Psychoemotional state

Life after a heart attack forces to accept the new conditions of existence.Not everyone can just get used to it without any consequences for the psyche.

Behavioral abnormalities requiring psychological assistance

  • Care disease.
  • Irritability.
  • mood instability.
  • development of phobias.
  • Sleep disorders.

purpose of post-infarction psychotherapeutic help - Prevention of neuroses and depression, work is carried out not only with patients but also with his relatives.

Features rehabilitation of patients after a heart attack 3 and 4 class

The increased need medical control patients referred to the functional class 3-4 to continue receiving disability group.The goal of rehabilitation procedures under medical supervision - the restoration of physical activity, sufficient for self-service.

Remediation confined to the house - a walk around the apartment after discharge and perform feasible homework.With 21 days are added to physical therapy and hour walks in the yard.Climbing stairs within a single march.Medication and psychotherapy are also carried out at home.

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