12 August

Kegel Exercises

pelvic floor muscles perform many important functions - including support uterine, bladder, bowel help in fixing and so on.Most postpartum women, these muscles become less elastic, starts incontinence, authorities lowered, deteriorating the quality of sex life.The muscles do not perform most of its functions.

Why is this happening?Unlike the muscles in the arms, legs, body, and many others, the lower pelvis is not practicing all the time of our lives.With age, these muscles become stretched, lose their elasticity, which is why problems arise.To help their patients stay healthy, the doctor-gynecologist Arnold Kegel developed a more specific set of exercises in 1948 to train these muscles.

"Kegel exercises - one of the most popular methods of pumping intimate pelvic muscles, which all modern workout vumbildingom built."

Who needs Kegel exercises?

This set of exercises recommended to perform as a tool for recovery after childbirth, or as prevention.They are usually recommended for women in the cases lis

ted below.

1. In preparation for the pregnancy to preserve the elasticity of the lower pelvic muscles and prevent the negative consequences of their stretching during childbirth.

2. When a pregnant woman needs to learn to relax the muscles responsible for the expulsion of the child during birth.

3. If because of irregularities in the work of the muscles starts urinary incontinence, as well as for the prevention of urinary incontinence.

4. To restore the muscles of the uterus after childbirth.

5. In order to harmonize the sexual life and prevent early signs of aging genitals.

6. If necessary prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

How to do Kegel exercises?

At the beginning it should be understood, where are the muscles that will have to feel the strain during exercise.To do this, similarly to strain, as occurs during a stop of urination.With the power of repeating this action several times, you can understand, on a group of muscles will be working.To experience these muscles as possible and during intercourse, so strained to squeeze a sexual partner member.

As a preliminary training should empty the bladder, and take a comfortable position (perfect for beginners - lying on your back with bent legs and one hand under the buttocks; eventually exercises can be done and sitting quietly for everyone - for example, in the office orhome between work).

Now you can start to perform the exercises themselves.

1. Tighten the muscles of the lower pelvis , squeezing them for a few seconds.To begin with recommended to keep the voltage of not more than 3-5 seconds, over time this figure should be brought to 10. Then 10 seconds of rest.Exercise repeat 8 to 10 times.

2. Begin to quickly compress and decompress muscles by performing the exercise continuously 30 times.Then, squeeze and hold on the muscle tension for 15-20 seconds.Exercise repeat no more than 5 times per session.Over time, the number of fast compressions should reach 100.

3. for women preparing for childbirth, especially important to learn not only annoying, but also relax muscles.To do this, tighten them, count to three, and then slowly release for a count of 20. Exercise repeat 3-4 times.

4. Prenatal exercise involves exercise ejection .To do this quickly tighten and relax the muscles, and then start to make an effort, as in a chair, but transferring these feelings to all the muscles of the lower pelvis.

5. exercises to reduce muscle also done through special training balls .For this purpose, the balls are placed into the vagina.Bulbs need to compress the walls of the vagina as much as possible.You can start with the average diameter of the balls (no more than 3 cm), and the move to smaller (more difficult to compress) over time.

6. Exercise compression can be carried out without the ball and - for this two fingers inserted into the vagina lubricated, then you need to grab their walls as much as possible.Try to keep the tension for 5-7 seconds, then relax.Exercise should be repeated at least 7-9 times.

7. Exercise with balls on pushing. For his performance, place the balls in the vagina, squeeze their walls, and then relax and start to push them.To exercise is best to use small balls.

8. Lie on your back, become rack "birch" .Try to stretch and relax your muscles, while in this position.In all other respects similar to the first exercise.

Kegel exercises should be performed daily, but once taken for everything and with the highest rates are not worth it.Select 3-4 to start the most simple, learn to relax and train yourself to do exercises every day.Each week add one exercise, and build on the momentum already studied.

a couple of months will be a tangible result as a sexual life, but due to the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system, you never have to worry about incontinence and inflammation.

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